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Not retired couple, wish we were, mildly educated, partial to science and historic sites and hot springs. Enjoy hiking.

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The overall park is more attractive than it looked when I scanned it on Google maps. The trios of shrubs they plant at each site somehow adds a lot. They're planted trees in the newer area, and there's more gravel there, which gives plenty of room for parking toads and trailers. The older area near the office is quite attractive and there's a HUGE spreading oak there. The showers and patio and 'rec room' area is lovely. The showers/restrooms are our only concern. We were here Dec 22-24, and possibly they were short on staff, but I don't think that was the issue. The shower curtain .. would be VASTLY improved by a simple quick trip through a washing machine with bleach. A quick swipe on the floors daily would do wonders - from the debris (bits of dead grass, gravel, hairs, mud) accumulated along the edges, I'd guess the floors aren't cleaned often. I went for a shower when it was quite early in the day, and the trash had obviously not been emptied in a couple days. However, the campers seem to clean up after themselves. Hubby was turned off by the floor debris, and said the water pressure was very low when he showered. When I showered the next day, it was fine, but the shower head sprays more water elsewhere than on you. .it's a challenge to rinse off the soap. Heater fan works well - it was 30 degrees outside and I was comfortable taking the shower. There is a wall mounted hanging rack and I have a stiff shower basket, which is good, because there is absolutely NO place to set anything except on that dirty floor, which . .I finally sacrificed a towel to, so I could stand on it while I dressed - I took a paper towel and swiped up some debris - the floor is indeed absolutely filthy. HOWEVER, all that said. . I'd just be sure to take a standing towel , and my shower basket worked fine for storing my supplies off the floor. I'd stay here again, primarily because of that hiking trail nearby. The trail is accessed through a gate by the road, starts with a short hike across a meadow. You pick up a concrete trail/path/road for bicycles that runs alongside a woodsy area. .Every 20 feet or so, it's stamped with a trail of wildlife footprints in the concrete - we finally realized they were stamped in.. SO cute!! The park is VERY noisy at midday. Some residents have extremely loud motorcycles or something ..I don't know why they have to be so loud - we were trying to nap. And some others nearby were shouting back and forth, visiting. We're very quiet people, and we truly wish that others would simply modulate their voices a bit in public.. However, I'd stay again. Park functions well, and I'd like to hike that trail more.

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Pretty, roomy sites. Bathroom and showers need serious updating - the shower handle has nearly corroded off. Someone flushed a toilet while I was in shower, and water flow dropped to a thin pencil, not enough to rinse a toothbrush. Planes are quite loud during day, but not at night. VERY quiet otherwise. I'd stay again, because of price. Showers are quite warm and roomy. I just disliked the corroded handle that worked oddly, and I really really hate the pressure problem. I'd just try to not go in peak season or peak usage times.

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It's difficult to get to and not at all convenient to Austin - you'll have a terribly long drive through heavily trafficked roads. It's spacious and pleasant looking. The bathrooms and showers are old, but clean. I hate to check "wi-fi available" because it's really not. So bad I couldn't use it.. Cute cottages. It's so darn hard to get to. There are some decent places to eat around there, but not as good as Austin places.