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Echo Bay is alive and well as of 1/15/2014. Forever Resorts has taken over as the concessionaire from 7 Crowns, and are cleaning the place up. The National Park has a campground that is open with a full time campground host. This host and another volunteer are cleaning up the campgrounds. The restaurant, and marina are still closed. However, there is a little store, and gas station that are open. Gas is $3.95 a gallon. There are two places to launch a boat, with ample parking. Burrows, and Coyotes are in the area. It's a good, quiet place to stop over when on the road, in the area.



Snow Bird Mesa

Overton, Nevada

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Snow Bird Mesa (aka poverty flats) is a "boon docking" camping area. By that I mean it's free, but there are no hook ups. It strictly dry camping in self contained rigs. Power is supplied by your own generator, solar panels, or wind turbines. You supply your own water, and bath room. The place is located about 5 miles south of Overton, Nevada. You just pull in, find an open area, and camp. That's it. It is seasonal which runs from October 1st to the end of June. The land, last I heard, was Bureau of Reclamation, and they send a guy by every so often to check on the various rigs being used out there. If your RV has any leaks, you will have to repair the problem, and clean up your mess. That, or leave. Folks in non self contained rigs will get a visit from the local police. Fire, Police, and Medical will respond as needed from Overton. I spent last winter there (7 months) just trying out my boon docking adventure. I had a good time, although it did get a bit unseasonably cold for a week or so. You can get cell service, wireless computer signals, sat TV, and depending on your antenna, some over the air channels. This is one of those places that unless you are with a group, minding your own business might come in handy. If your neighbors are close enough, they are friendly, and most folks watch over each other. Boating, fishing, and sight seeing are all with in 25 miles. Dump stations are available in Overton for a fee. Valley of Fire State Park is about 15 miles a way. For a$10/$8 daily entry fee, they offer showers, fresh water, and a dump station. A year pass is $75.00. When I was there there were about 65+/- rigs out there, and there was still a lot of room available. It's a pretty decent place for the price.

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Valley of Fire is a very nice, off the beaten path park. The place is clean, and when a campground is available the showers, and restroom are the cleanest you will ever find. Most of the park staff are very friendly, and knowledgeable. One of the perks I like about this park is you get meet folks from other countries. Give it a try, and you will return again.