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Winter Snow Bird in Yuma AZ and an RC Sailer.

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Riverfront RV Park

Yuma, Arizona

Date of Stay:

I found this park by accident when looking for a reasonable place to stay when my wife and I were going to move from her last Traveling Nurse Job in Las Vegas to her next one in Yuma; we are now in our third winter here. This is an older park, it is clean and quiet. It is close to everything in Yuma. It has access nearby to one of the nicest city parks I have ever been close to, lots of walking and bike trails and very clean and modern, I sailed my RC Sailboat there in their Cement Pond along with other old guys most every day. This is a park for older people, I believe it is over 55+ only, although I saw some kids come to visit Grandma and Grandpa around the Holidays a couple of times. There are planned activities and communal meals for Holiday Occasions. It is not fancy, but it is very quiet with lots of nice shade trees to keep the trailer cool. Many of the winter residents have been coming there for years. The park backs up to the south bank of the Colorado River, across the river to the north is California.

Date of Stay:

We have been in this RV Park for 3 months tomorrow. When we first called this park last Sept we were quoted a monthly rate and asked the year of our RV. I must have passed muster, so we headed here. When we arrived we checked in and were charged substantially more than the quoted rate. They maintained my RV was too big for the lower rate. The quoted rate for elect. was .25 per kwh. I found out later in the next week that all the parks around us charge .13 per kwh. While the Park is clean and well maintained, homeless and druggies wander through at will. I finally met the security guard very early one morning. There was a major water main break in our row and we were without water for a few hours. One of our bikes was stolen the second night, and periodically we were visited by people with one sort of scam after another banging on our door. They were quite brazen. I would have moved after the first month if we hadn't gone through a big hassle getting our mail routed here. So we just decided to stay put. We probably should have moved. The whole experience left me with a feeling of just having had to deal with a used car dealer for 3 months. Kind of bait and switch. We are not gamblers so our overall experience in Vegas was not pleasant. Never again.

Date of Stay:

This past spring we stayed there from March - June 1st. Many long term campers. Very quiet and well managed. Owner was on site every day. It is an older campground and is showing its age. Everything worked OK. We were very comfortable there. Nice people. If we go back to Columbia this fall f, I am sure we will stay there again.