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LA Pride RV Park

Schriever, Louisiana

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We actually lived there for a while and the price of $375 a month was not bad. The park itself has very little to offer as it geared toward workers and students rather than vacationers. The park is very well maintained by the workers and the bathroom and shower is always clean. That was the good, now comes the bad. The park owner is never there and leaves all runnings and decisions to the manager who tends to abuse his powers as manager. There is a sense that priority is given to the habitat folks that come in from time to time over those who stay there on a more permanent basis. Park manager does very little in or around the park to deserve his paycheck. He also tends to give out false information about himself and the park. Most notably, cable is supposed to be included but in our time there there was no cable to be had at all. Overall, the park is nice, the tenants and workers are good, but the park manager just brings it down. Ultimately we chose to leave because we could not handle his antics any more. Would i recommend this park? At this point no or only if you stay a couple of days.

Date of Stay:

Park is found at the end of a trailer park which is a bit odd. The camper site looks good, lots of shade and water access. The water is access is used by the general public though so that can be quite annoying. Overall it was okay, not the best but still good. Park staff was very nice and helpful unlike others we have been at.