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It was clean, level sites, full hookup, and staff was friendly but there was no shade trees. The residents were very nice and made you feel welcome. I didn't like the set up very well, but the homey feel more than made up for it. Yes I'll return!



Miracle RV Park

Tucson, Arizona

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I stayed here for 2 nights to have my motorhome checked and repaired. The shower rooms were rundown but clean. Manager very friendly and helpful. But there is more to a park then just the manager and shower rooms! The permanent residents there think that they are better than those of us that are just there for a few days. I sat in my lawn chair and watched as the ringleader of the larger group put on a mask of concern while talking to the manager then as she was walking away with most of the group she tells them that "The fat Bitch needs to go". I would have returned to that park just because the manager was so nice but also because she promised to put me as far away from that group but she no longer works there.