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We stayed here in June 2014, only for one night, but really wished we could have stayed longer, we got there early around 4 pm, so plenty of time to enjoy the facilities. We had a blast, we had 4 children with us, 17, 13 and twin 9 year olds and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. ALL the staff were incredibly helpful, warm, welcoming. We rode the bikes, did the jumpy pillow (ALL of us, mom, dad & the kids), we did the paddle boats which were totally delightful for our twins, they loved the animal themed boats and wanted to be in the graceful swans and the ferocious dragon. My brother drove up from Denver and we paid his visitor fee, which was only $10, certainly reasonable for all the camp has to offer, he didn't end up using the facilities much, but chit chatted with us while we played goofy golf. ALL the amenities were included in our price so we felt like we got a great deal! We paid about $90 to spend the night, but we had 4 children and one guest, and we ALL took advantage of the park. They do have a 2 night minimum, which makes sense otherwise you won't get your monies worth by only staying one night, they did not enforce this rule with us. I had no problem with the gate guards, they did not seem over the top and were very friendly. If you end up staying only one night make sure you get there early, as in early afternoon so you can enjoy the park. It was a little rainy while we were there and they shut down the paddle boats due to lightening, but it quickly passed and we got to do the paddle boats again. Overall this is an OUTSTANDING park, and I would stay here again in a heart beat!


Abilene KOA

Abilene, Texas

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When we stayed here they had just had some major rains, the camp ground was crowded and we had trouble maneuvering because we have a long rig. We had to take up 2 spots, since we are so big, had to park our vehicle in the spot next to us, which could not be used anyway due to mud. Staff, as in one staff person, was totally overworked and panicking due to large volume of people on camp, needed to refer to mgr on every major decision. I think we should have gotten a discount, because the camp was SO muddy, could hardly walk anywhere without getting mud all over. The kids did enjoy the pool though, so that was a plus. Still, it was expensive for what we got and I don't think they should only have one person on duty during the summer - too much stress on that poor thing, but she did do her best but was too insecure to make rational decisions. Must conclude Gen Mgr is not pleasant and wouldn't have approved of her decisions. Overall, it was adequate for an overnight stay.

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Horrible campground, bare minimum, rude and unfriendly staff, expensive for what you get, disgusting gross moldy showers, which you had to pay for - extra! Basically this campground is in the middle of nowhere and is barely adequate if you only need to spend the night, but do not expect more. Dusty gravel, no picnic benches, nothing really except hookups. We would never stay here again, recommend you find a different place - as in far away from Lamar!