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This is by far the nicest park in the area. They have grass, flowers and trees. All of which is hard to find in the area's campgrounds. The staff is nice and friendly and the office is open when they say it is open. I like the fact that they provide a picnic table and have a little playground for the kids to play on and burn energy. The owners have done a very nice job keeping the place nice and clean. I would highly recommend this place if you need a campsite in the area.


Permian RV

Odessa, Texas

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The office is never open and they will not answer the phone. I could not even reach them to pay my rent. The next place that became available I took it and left Permian RV. The owners even live on site and they don't care much about appearance or improving the property. If you are OK with only a pot hole dirt pit than this is your place. The only positive thing I could say about this park is that it was pretty quiet at night. There is just weeds everywhere on the RV spots, and the washer/dryers and some of the vending machines did not work for the four weeks that I was there. I would recommend that you keep looking for a different place to stay.