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I have to caution my review with one fact my kids loved staying here. As parents traveling across country we hated the lack of wi-fi consistently. The internet comes in from the owners house--the log cabin you see just at the entrance of the campground. There are no repeaters and none of the employees know anything about the internet access--which is highly doubtful. The owners are cheap and need to pony up so all campers can have good wifi. The cheap in ground pool is as cold as melted snow. and really tiny--like 12x17--just guessing. The power to our site is constantly going out--wreaking havoc with our air con and microwave--which are only used by us in the evenings. An employee says its a bad breaker that needs to be repaired. Again cheap! The hay ride had no hay--we got to sit aboard the buckboard wagon on the floor. Hay costs about $6 a bushel where we're from--so again cheap! The father's day dance with kids was ok--but the music was played until 11pm on the loudspeaker! The songs went from macarena--cool downgrading to shake it for me country girl--need to say wholly inappropriate for my daughters! Final caution, like a cheap cruise ship you will hear announcements on the loudspeaker all day from 8:50 til closing around 9? Nothing like waking at 8:50 to the come one over and bring your pots and pans so we can wake up Yogi.

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This place is beautiful and has lots of charm. The pool is clean and my kids loved it. Like all too many campgrounds they claim to have WiFi, only to find out they really don't have access throughout the campground. We loved this place and would go there again.



Mountain View RV Park

Wellington, Utah

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This is great place to stay--level sites, clean facilities. They had a fantastic clubhouse that looked like a super big family room and dining room. The pool was heated and they had a Jacuzzi. The internet access was fast! Access codes required for entry, so safety was a priority. Great picnic area and playground. friendly staff and clean grounds. Can't say enough nice things about this place