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Moss Landing KOA Express, Moss Landing, California

Date of Stay: September, 2006 - $53.00
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I have never dealt with such an unprofessional manager in my life. I had made my reservation online about 5 weeks in advance. When we got to the park we were not ready to just sit in such a small cement slab just yet. We decided to explore and ended up a little further than we would have liked. Instead of coming back to Moss Landing we stayed where we were and decided to return the next day about 1PM. When we got there, someone was in our space. When we questioned the manager, she was very rude and besides herself. She said she gve the space to someone else because we did not call her to tell her that we would not be there that night - and we paid in full for 2 nights. This did not make sense and her husband said to her "I knew this was going to happen". I went into the office and ahe said the best she could do was to put us in the overflow area. I told her that was not accpetable. We bought slot #38 for 2 days and all she could say was that we never called her when we were out to tell her that we wouldn't be there that night and she felt that we may not make it bsck so she sold the space to someone else - she double booked and got caught. I was dumbfounded and she asked if I wanted a one night crdit and I said Yes. I also tried to ask her why my spot was given away and she turned red in the face and yelled if I didn't leave her office she would call the sheriff. I should have let her because I did nothing wrong. Instead I asked if she was AAA rated and she said yes. I said good, I will notify AAA on Tuesday about this happening with double booking. I cannot recommend a place such as this. Very unprofessional and I would like to address this to the owners of Moss Landing RV Park. Maybe AAA will address the owners themselves! We camped at Moss Landing KOA Express in a Motorhome.


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