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Nice little campground. Former KOA. VERY friendly staff! Lots of complaints about unlevel spots but, I was in spot 20 and was level literally on the first pull in. A tad pricey for single night stay. Major downfall would be location. It is literally right next to the highway. LOTS of road noise. Good pool, good laundry facility.

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The sites are mostly sand/grass. Quite a few ants so be sure to spray. The one I was given was pretty tight due to evasive trees that I nearly had to cut back myself to get my awning to extend and to not have a mess on top of my slides. I asked for a 50 amp and was told only 30 was available, so I had no choice. I was told that I would be given a phone call as soon as a 50 amp was available. 3 weeks, and no phone call, even though there were plenty of other open spots. All of their monthlys are full, and they will not give you a monthly rate if you ask for it, just because you are not in a "monthly" spot. Good laundry facilities. The dumpsters had maggots and were always disgusting. Good for a few nights passing through but, not for extended stay. Not a whole lot of activities in the area, other than the flea market next door but, that's good for about 30 min of amusement.



Hide-A-Way Lakes

Yorkville, Illinois

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Lets start at the beginning. The entrance to the campground is awful. The road is completely riddled with holes and in need of repair. The main office is back in the center of the land, so you'll have to go down to the office then possible 3-4 point turn your camper and go back to a possible site. The site I was in (15 Lakeside) was a large site but riddled with low trees and a stump so backing in was rather tight. Nothing is paved so it's all dirt and grass, and when it rained, a river ran through my site. The electrical box was conveniently located but it seems as though all of the water faucets were split 4-5 ways for multiple sites to share. Let's start with the good. All of the people in the campground were very nice. Lots of permanent weekenders and full timers and all real friendly and knew your name before you knew theirs. The price for 50amp went from $470 to $490 a month while I was there. I ended up cutting my 2nd month short and was refunded what I didn't use which I thought was good. The spots are very well shaded with lots of trees which is good for staying cool but, you'll definitely need to hose off your slide outs before you pack up and leave. This is literally the closest thing to suburban Chicago less than $800 a month, so it seems to be an obvious choice. Now the bad. My electricity went out almost daily, and not just because of the weather. If you're going to stay here, a generator is almost a MUST. Also, the park water is pump fed. No electric, no water, so make sure you have some fresh water in your tank. The whole splitting one faucet between 3-4-5 sites is a bit unnerving to me as well. One of my coworkers was staying on creekside and he even had to run his water hose across the road. Not ideal. With the roads being in such poor condition, the park can get rather dirty and dusty. There were many nights where I would have liked to open up the camper, and I made the mistake of doing so in the beginning but, the inside of my 5er was just covered in a layer of dust and dirt, so I had to just stick with a/c. There is a quiet time after 10pm but, there are quite a few people that don't follow it. Several week nights you could hear fellow campers getting rather rowdy after even 11pm, and one Saturday afternoon there was a domestic dispute that sounded like it was going on right outside my camper they were arguing so loud. The people in here LOVE their golf carts! A lot of them drive them too fast, kicking up even more road dust. I've read some other places that they call this place "Meth Mountain", and I'm honestly not surprised. This is one of those situations where, you have to ask yourself if it's worth twice the price and 10-12 more miles each way to stay in a real nice park or just to tough it out in this place. I was staying here alone and for work so, I didn't bother moving once I was established. If I were traveling with family, I would look elsewhere. If you're just passing through, it'll do for a night but, so will a Walmart.