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Very nice park. Clean and taken care of. Had other nice campers all around. Experience was very pleasurable and fantastic weather. Decent sized spaces. Problem with a few trees not being trimmed back good enough for large rigs though. Another problem we had was with the sewage drain. The pipe was above ground about 12-18" and made it VERY difficult to drain tanks. It took both of us to empty and probably about an hour to empty all three tanks. When we arrived, the office was closed, however; there was a lighted board with our name (incorrectly spelled) and the space number. That's it. No other information. No welcome (except by Jackson, the resident park greeter kitty). The office/store did not open until the day we left on the morning of the 7th! We were not sent a confirmation e-mail. We hoped that we had a spot. We had to bother other campers for the Wi-Fi information. Otherwise, we would not have had Internet the whole time there. The "store" has SO much potential. The shelves are bare. The pool was sparkling, but the hot tub looked like it was all moldy even though there had been some people using it. Perhaps it just needs refinishing. Close to the freeway (101) and an amusement park, but it wasn't too noisy. There are some long term residents and some that must always live there by the looks of all the junk around their "home". Overall, though, our experience was very nice and we definitely want to go back. We are hoping that the lack of attention was due to a holiday weekend and not the situation normal.

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We stayed here over Memorial Weekend this year. The name would imply that it was near a lake... nope... it is about six miles north of the lake and on the opposite side of the freeway. Don't expect to be camping near a lake. "Resort"... nope, more like "dump". It would be the perfect site for a horror movie. The whole place is in disrepair. Weeds everywhere. No grass. Garbage lines the hillsides. The place is in great need of an exterminator (roaches). They claim to have a "mini-mart", but it is really just a couple of wire racks with junk food. There are a few other items, but you would be better off to drive down the highway about 10 miles to the next town to get what you need. The owners barely speak clear English and so conversing is difficult. The pool seemed clean though. The playground is archaic and full of weeds. I wouldn't want my children playing there. There is an area near the rear of the park that it appears that some people live there full time. They have junk all around their RVs. The place is a mess. The rates are high for what you get and you don't receive a detailed invoice, so you aren't even really sure how the charges are broken down. They have full hook ups, however; they ask you not to drain your gray water. ?? What?? They advertise having wi-fi and cable TV. Ummm... nope! Couldn't even get internet on a phone, let alone on a laptop. We would NOT recommend this place for anyone. If you are traveling along Interstate 5 between Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA and need a spot to sleep overnight, you would be better off at the Flying J at the Frazier Park exit.