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Lake Louise Campground
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2013-05-27 19:29:13
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Byron, Illinois
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May 2013
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Wireless Internet
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[ 4 / 10 ]
May 2013
Overall, it's an older CG, in need of updating. Good- the new pool, and the site we were in with friends, we were able to turn our trailer to have our doors facing each other. Other than that, my husband said the one trip to the bathroom was bad (old and dirty), luckily we have a full trailer so I never had to go! The lake was pretty, but for the kids, they had to walk across the sandy beach to get to the basketball court, with no sidewalk to get there. No trees in the area where we were, and being the last site in the area by the seasonals, we backed up to what looks like a junk yard- brush piles, empty trailers, CAT dozier, etc sitting around and areas unmowed. To fish off the pier you had to take off your shoes and walk through water to get to the pier, which wouldn't have been bad had it not been 50 out. The people checking in didn't quite seem to know what was going on because they told us one thing about fishing (included), and our friends that it was $6/person/day to fish as a registered camper. Not sure that we'll be back, but as a last resort, it was ok. We camped here in a Travel Trailer.
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[ 1 / 10 ]
September 2009
My camping experience at Lake Louise Campground was the worst I have had in 18 years of camping. The main reason for that is that the bathrooms/showers were absolutely disgusting. The bathrooms nearest to our campsite were not cleaned the entire weekend (the huge wad of toilet paper that was lying in the puddle in the middle of the bathroom floor on the day I arrived was still there on the day I left, which tells me that they completely neglect the maintenance of their bathrooms and shower houses). They smelled terrible--I have been in outhouses that disgusted me less than the bathrooms in this campground. Then to have to pay to take a shower in them? Yes, it's only a quarter, but if I am going to have to pay to maintain my cleanliness for the weekend then I would appreciate them maintaining the cleanliness of their shower houses for me. To a lesser concern, the sand/dirt paths inside the campgrounds made for a big mess when it started to rain, and it would have been much more convenient for the entire park to have pavement instead of just the part with the pool and the lake. We camped here in a Motorhome.
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[ 4 / 10 ]
September 2008
The owners are rude. They need "People Skills" training. They show favoritism all the time. They don't do anything for the teenagers. They do very little for the younger children. It has more to offer for the adults. I feel that we have to walk on egg shells when we are there. We camped here in a Motorhome.
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