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Nearby College Park, Maryland (Air Miles)
-Cities With RV Parks-
2.40 miles E
14.38 miles SW
14.98 miles S
16.77 miles S
17.76 miles NE
18.72 miles NE
20.02 miles SE
22.35 miles N
22.76 miles NW
22.96 miles SE
23.35 miles SW
23.63 miles SE
25.88 miles NW
26.15 miles SW
26.44 miles SW
32.08 miles SW
36.25 miles SW
-Other Nearby Points-
Chef'S Secret
0.76 miles E
Santa Fe Cafe
1.37 miles SW
University Of Maryland U
1.71 miles SW
Nasa Goddard Space Fli
1.83 miles E
Greenbelt Park
1.85 miles E
Rv Specialists Inc At
1.93 miles NW
Calvert House Inn
2.52 miles SW
Costco 3019022660
2.58 miles NE
2.91 miles S
Nasa Goddard Visitor C
3.24 miles SE
Washington Bible College
3.70 miles SE
Columbia Union College
3.92 miles SW
3.96 miles S
Griggs University
4.94 miles NW
Blair Mansion Inn
5.02 miles SW
Capitol College
5.07 miles NE
Mrs K'S Toll House
5.08 miles NW
5.24 miles SW
5.36 miles W
Sligo Park Golf Course
5.49 miles NW
Walter Reed Army Medical
5.71 miles SW
Catholic University Of A
5.82 miles SW
United States National A
5.83 miles SW
National Shrine Of The I
6.05 miles SW
Gunpowder Golf Course
6.07 miles N
Trinity College - Washing
6.49 miles SW
Sams Club 8511 Landover Rd (Located To Block)
6.83 miles SE
Langston Golf Course
7.02 miles SW
Fio'S - Washington
7.22 miles SW
Howard University
7.25 miles SW
Gallaudet University
7.42 miles SW
La Ferme - Bethesda
7.78 miles SW
Rock Creek Park
7.83 miles SW
Capital Children'S Muse
7.87 miles SW
Rfk Memorial Stadiu
7.87 miles SW
MCI Center
8.04 miles SE
I Matti Trattoria
8.12 miles SW
8.12 miles SW
La Fourchette
8.12 miles SW
Cashion'S Eat Place
8.13 miles SW
8.17 miles SW
University Of The Distric
8.18 miles SW
Grill From Ipanema
8.22 miles SW
National Postal Museum
8.23 miles SW
Center Cafe
8.23 miles SW
Coppi'S Vigorelli
8.24 miles SW
8.25 miles SW
Two Quail
8.27 miles SW
8.30 miles SW
Enterprise Golf Course
8.30 miles SE
Bistro Bis
8.32 miles SW
Mary Mcleod Bethune Cou
8.33 miles SW
National Zoological Park
8.33 miles SW
Lebanese Taverna
8.38 miles SW
La Colline
8.38 miles SW
Saigon Gourmet
8.38 miles SW
Morrison-Clark - Washing
8.42 miles SW
New Heights
8.42 miles SW
Tony Cheng'S Mongolian
8.43 miles SW
Lauriol Plaza
8.43 miles SW
Hunan Chinatown
8.44 miles SW
Murphy'S Of Dc
8.44 miles SW
Sewall-Belmont House Nat
8.44 miles SW
Mr Yung's
8.45 miles SW
8.45 miles SW
Washington Convention Cen
8.48 miles SW
Coco Loco
8.48 miles SW
8.48 miles SW
Folger Shakespeare Librar
8.54 miles SW
8.58 miles SW
Haad Thai
8.58 miles SW
United States Supreme Cou
8.59 miles SW
Ruth'S Chris Steak Hou
8.61 miles SW
8.62 miles SW
Anna Maria'S
8.63 miles SW
Raku - Washington
8.65 miles SW
National Portrait Galler
8.66 miles SW
DC Coast
8.67 miles SW
Restaurant Nora
8.68 miles SW
8.68 miles SW
District Chophouse
8.69 miles SW
Laurel Park
8.71 miles NE
8.71 miles SW
National Museum Of Women
8.71 miles SW
United States Capitol
8.71 miles SW
Library Of Congress
8.73 miles SW
Bowie State University
8.74 miles E
Strayer College
8.74 miles SW
Georgia Brown'S
8.76 miles SW
Cafe Mozart
8.77 miles SW
Hilton Washington Embassy
8.77 miles SW
Gerard'S Place
8.78 miles SW
Explorer'S Hall
8.79 miles SW
Cafe Atlantico
8.79 miles SW
Jockey Club
8.80 miles SW
8.81 miles SW
Pizzeria Paradiso
8.81 miles SW
Ford'S Theatre National
8.81 miles SW
8.81 miles SW
Bacchus - Washington
8.82 miles SW
Fran O'Brien'S Stadium
8.82 miles SW
Fran O'Brien'S Steakho
8.83 miles SW
Trader Vic'S
8.83 miles SW
701 Restaurant
8.84 miles SW
8.84 miles SW
8.84 miles SW
United States Navy Memori
8.85 miles SW
National Archives
8.85 miles SW
Armand'S Chicago Pizzer
8.85 miles SW
8.85 miles SW
Timothy Dean
8.86 miles SW
National Gallery Of Art
8.87 miles SW
Federal Bureau Of Investi
8.88 miles SW
Catalan West
8.88 miles SW
Muer'S Seafood
8.89 miles SW
Pennsylvania Avenue Nation
8.89 miles SW
Palm - Washington
8.90 miles SW
CF Folks
8.90 miles SW
Montgomery'S Grille
8.91 miles SW
Sam And Harry'S
8.92 miles SW
Old Post Office Pavilion
8.93 miles SW
Red Sage
8.94 miles SW
United States Botanic Gar
8.94 miles SW
Le Lion D'Or
8.94 miles SW
8.95 miles SW
Old Ebbitt Grill
8.96 miles SW
8.96 miles SW
Christopher Marks
8.97 miles SW
Thyme Square
8.99 miles SW
Bombay Club - Washington
8.99 miles SW
Oval Room
9.00 miles SW
9.01 miles W
Willard Room
9.01 miles SW
The Shops At National P
9.01 miles SW
National Theatre
9.01 miles SW
Occidental Grill
9.03 miles SW
National Museum Of Natura
9.04 miles SW
Foong Lin
9.04 miles W
National Naval Medical
9.05 miles W
9.05 miles SW
Tara Thai - Bethesda
9.05 miles SW
Original Pancake House -
9.05 miles SW
National Institutes Of H
9.06 miles W
Haandi - Bethesda
9.06 miles W
Austin Grill - Bethesda
9.06 miles SW
Taberna Del Alabardero
9.06 miles SW
Raku - Bethesda
9.07 miles SW
White House
9.07 miles SW
Frascati - Bethesda
9.07 miles W
Cottonwood Cafe - Bethesd
9.09 miles W
La Miche
9.10 miles W
Tel-Aviv Cafe
9.10 miles W
Rock Bottom Brewery
9.10 miles W
Red Tomato Cafe
9.11 miles W
Prime Rib - Washington
9.12 miles SW
9.12 miles SW
Cesco Trattoria
9.12 miles W
National Air And Space
9.13 miles SW
Renwick Gallery
9.13 miles SW
Andalucia De Bethesda
9.13 miles SW
Bacchus Bethesda
9.14 miles W
The Bread Line
9.14 miles SW
The Navy Museum
9.14 miles SW
Matuba - Bethesda
9.15 miles W
Bombay Dining
9.16 miles W
9.16 miles W
Washington National Cath
9.16 miles SW
9.16 miles W
Arts And Industries Buil
9.17 miles SW
9.17 miles SW
Buon Giorno - Bethesda
9.18 miles W
Hirshhorn Museum And Scul
9.18 miles SW
Smithsonian Institution
9.19 miles SW
Primi Piatti - Washingto
9.20 miles SW
Naval District Headquart
9.20 miles SW
Market Inn
9.21 miles SW
National Museum Of Americ
9.22 miles SW
Maison Blanche Restaurant
9.22 miles SW
9.23 miles SW
9.23 miles SW
Six Flags America
9.24 miles SE
Cafe Bethesda
9.25 miles W
National Museum Of Africa
9.27 miles SW
International Center
9.29 miles SW
Le Vieux Logis
9.29 miles W
Corcoran Gallery Of Art
9.29 miles SW
Bethesda Crab House
9.29 miles SW
The National Mall
9.30 miles SW
The Corcoran School Of A
9.30 miles SW
Freer Gallery Of Art
9.30 miles SW
Arthur M Sackler Galler
9.30 miles SW
Octagon House And Museum
9.35 miles SW
George Washington Univers
9.36 miles SW
Tony And Joe'S Seafood
9.37 miles SW
Maple Springs Baptist B
9.37 miles S
Dumbarton Oaks
9.37 miles SW
Old Europe
9.39 miles SW
Austin Grill - Washington
9.39 miles SW
9.40 miles SW
9.41 miles SW
Anacostia Museum
9.46 miles SW
Zed'S Ethiopian Cuisine
9.46 miles SW
Bistrot Lepic
9.47 miles SW
Seasons - Washington
9.47 miles SW
Washington Monument
9.48 miles SW
9.51 miles SW
Mendocino Grill And Wine
9.51 miles SW
United States Holocaust M
9.54 miles SW
Zuki Moon
9.54 miles SW
Citronelle - Washington
9.55 miles SW
9.55 miles SW
American University
9.55 miles SW
Bureau Of Engraving And P
9.57 miles SW
Southeastern University
9.58 miles SW
Bombay Palace - Washingto
9.61 miles SW
Thai Kingdom
9.61 miles SW
Mr Smith's
9.64 miles SW
Billy Martin'S Tavern
9.65 miles SW
Bistro Francais
9.65 miles SW
9.66 miles SW
9.66 miles SW
J Paul's
9.71 miles SW
Vietnam Women'S Memoria
9.71 miles SW
Korean War Veterans Memo
9.71 miles SW
Sea Catch
9.71 miles SW
Constitution Gardens
9.72 miles SW
Clyde'S - Washington
9.72 miles SW
Morton'S Of Chicago - W
9.74 miles SW
Cafe Milano - Washington
9.74 miles SW
9.76 miles SW
Phillips' Flagship
9.76 miles SW
Roof Terrace
9.77 miles SW
9.77 miles SW
John F Kennedy Center
9.78 miles SW
Frederick Douglass Nation
9.80 miles SW
Vietnam Veterans Memoria
9.80 miles SW
Sams Club 3535 Russett Green E (Located To Block)
9.80 miles NE
9.82 miles SW
Georgetown Shopping Dist
9.84 miles SW
National Library Of Medi
9.88 miles W
3549 Russett Green E
9.91 miles NE
Georgetown University
9.92 miles SW
9.97 miles SW
9.97 miles SW
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
9.98 miles SW
Theodore Roosevelt Island
10.09 miles SW
10.09 miles NW
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
10.12 miles SW
Rest Area On Md I-95 At Exit 37 Unverified.
10.16 miles NE
East Potomac Public Golf
10.18 miles SW
Fort Mcnair
10.19 miles SW
Mount Vernon College
10.29 miles SW
Lyndon Baines Johnson Mem
10.61 miles SW
Makoto Restaurant
10.62 miles SW
10.62 miles NW
Silver Diner - Rockville
10.63 miles NW
Seven Seas - Rockville
11.31 miles NW
Arlington National Cemete
11.62 miles SW
Arlington House, The Rob
11.62 miles SW
Clara Barton National H
11.62 miles SW
Copeland'S Of New Orlean
11.64 miles NW
Costco 7034132324
11.65 miles SW
Fort Meade
11.68 miles NE
Iwo Jima Us Marine Corp
11.75 miles SW
A and J
11.81 miles NW
Ronald Reagan Washington
11.99 miles SW
Harvest Christian College
12.04 miles S
Bolling Air Force Base
12.06 miles SW
3300 Nw Crain Hwy
12.14 miles SE
Fort Myer
12.16 miles SW
George Washington Memoria
12.31 miles SW
Red Gate Golf Course
12.43 miles NW
Marymount University
12.59 miles SW
Ft. Meade Rv Pk
12.60 miles NE
Arlington Annex
12.90 miles SW
King'S Contrivance
12.97 miles NE
Andrews Famcamp
13.09 miles SE
R T's
13.15 miles SW
Chez Andre
13.25 miles SW
Calvert Grille
13.46 miles SW
Andrews Air Force Base
13.49 miles SE
Rosecroft Raceway
13.63 miles S
Villa D'Este
14.20 miles SW
Village Bistro
14.27 miles SW
Alexandria Black History
14.46 miles SW
Bilbo Baggins
14.59 miles SW
Chart House - Alexandria
14.64 miles SW
Ecco Cafe
14.66 miles SW
La Bergerie
14.66 miles SW
Fish Market - Alexandria
14.72 miles SW
14.72 miles SW
Landini Brothers
14.72 miles SW
Il Porto
14.72 miles SW
Firehook Bakery And Coff
14.72 miles SW
The Alamo
14.73 miles SW
Gadsby'S Tavern
14.74 miles SW
Union Street Public Hous
14.74 miles SW
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothe
14.77 miles SW
Tea Cosy
14.80 miles SW
King Street Blues
14.80 miles SW
Santa Fe East
14.80 miles SW
Le Refuge - Alexandria
14.81 miles SW
Christ Church
14.82 miles SW
14.82 miles SW
14.84 miles SW
South Austin Grill
14.84 miles SW
Scotland Yard
14.84 miles SW
East Wind
14.84 miles SW
Taverna Cretekou
14.85 miles SW
14.87 miles SW
Le Gaulois
14.90 miles SW
Hard Times Cafe - Alexan
14.95 miles SW
14.95 miles SW
Casablanca Restaurant
14.97 miles SW
Peking Gourmet Inn
15.04 miles SW
Blue Point Grill
15.28 miles SW
George Washington Masonic
15.29 miles SW
Faccia Luna - Alexandria
15.39 miles SW
16.03 miles SW
Mango Mike'S
16.16 miles SW
7081 Arundel Mills Circle
16.27 miles NE
Thai Hut
17.12 miles SW
18.16 miles NW
College Park
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Cherry Hill Park
Latest Review Submited On
2014-04-21 15:57:35
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College Park, Maryland
Camp Information
Date of Stay
April 2014
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Wireless Internet
Cable TV
Pull-Thru Sites
Big Rig Access
Waterfront Access
Shade Trees
Pool Access
Pets Allowed
Tents Allowed
Family Friendly
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[ 9 / 10 ]
April 2014
Would have been a 10 but sites are to close together, narrow streets, tow cars park angled in front of your car, so makes streets narrow and they need to be redone- in bad shape. Pads are gravel so use your levelers. Best thing about here is staff and metro and Gray Line Tour buses to DC are right in park.. I asked for another site 2 times and were told all booked except 2 sites that were worse than the one I was given, I felt very pinned in between neighbor coaches, so we left 3 days early. I saw numerous vacant sites never occupied while we were there. They gave us a refund of unused days. This is a campground not a RV resort as all types of RVs (campers, pop-ups, etc.) are all parked together. We camped here in a Motorhome.
Review Rating
Rating Image
[ 9 / 10 ]
April 2014
We arrived checked in and were assigned a site. We drove to the site and it was being used by the propane truck. We called the office and a camp worker took us to some other sites to see if they would be a better fit. A lot of sites were short for a fifth wheel of 38 ft. plus a pickup, which by the way they say just park on the roadway in front of your RV. We finally found a site that was a bit bigger and my truck and RV fit on the site. All of the sites had stone bases and were very level, we had a back-in site. The electric box was so far forward I had to put my 50 amp and a 30 amp cord together to make it. If campgrounds would put the utilities in the center of the site it would make life much easier. Our rig has the electric connection in the rear if all sites were in the middle most cords would make it ok. The wifi worked ok, no problems. The dog walk area is located under the high tension wires but it gives them plenty of room to exercise. It is a pity that some dog owners do not pick up after there pets even though the campground provides doggy doo bags for them. We were able to drive to the Metro station and park to get to downtown DC for sightseeing. The park staff was very helpful with information on how to get around DC. The campground also has a cafe that has a well equipped kitchen and friendly staff. We stayed here for 5 days in a fifth wheel and we will be back again. This is a great place to stay and we have been here many times before. The campground is adding new cottages and a Lodge for people without campers to be able to enjoy the DC area. We camped here in a Fifth Wheel.
Review Rating
Rating Image
[ 10 / 10 ]
April 2014
Stayed for a week while visiting Washington D.C. Some of the sites are a bit tight, but adequate even for us with two slide outs. Good paved interior roads with crushed stone sites. Our site was near level and included a crushed stone patio, picnic table and firepit. Public transportation is available in the park to go to the Metro (subway) station to access all parts of the city. WiFi connection was good for us with a solid and steady signal. Nicely stocked camp store and a better than average RV supply store on site. Very knowledgeable staff on site to explain available tours in the city. We found every staff member to be very helpful and friendly. Unlike others, we did not find the highway noise at all distracting. After all, you are in a highly populated area, we didn't expect a quiet wilderness setting. The snack bar on site serves up good breakfast and sandwiches at reasonable prices. We would definitely stay here again if in the area. We camped here in a Motorhome.
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