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Cloud 9 Ranch
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2011-09-25 13:56:26
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September 2011
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[ 7 / 10 ]
September 2011
Cloud 9 Ranch is a member owned facility with provision for guests by reservation. The rate shown is RPI member fee. The members we talked with say the campground is in decline and the overall conditions we witnessed would support that statement. When you arrive at Cloud 9 the staff rangers are friendly and helpful with directions. The welcome packet has a page which shows individual campgrounds, there are six, but there is no map which connects it all together. From their welcome packet “all-terrain vehicles are the preferred mode of travel here. More than half of all Ranch members own ATV’s, and it’s a common sight to see groups…not only on the miles of paved roads between the ranch’s six campgrounds but also cruising more than 100 miles of well-marked wooded trails or splashing through shallow streams.” The packet goes on with more detail of the ATV experience at Cloud 9 for guests who come here only for that ATV off road opportunity. Cloud 9 Ranch draws visitors from long distances because of the ATV amenities provided here, including a monthly ATV Poker Run. The park invites non-members here for free camping and collect only a daily fee per ATV for using the trails. The privilege extended to these “guests” is greatly abused. The main connecting roads are asphalt. Campground interior roads are packed dirt and gravel. When it rains the roads are muck and a mess. Individual sites include 50 amp, water, and sewer. No cable TV. Wi-Fi is available at the adult clubhouse. The swimming pools were closed for the season. Over-the-air TV pulled in 11 stations clearly. You must park the RV with at least the rear wheels on the concrete pad on the site. With a big rig your front and rear jacks will not both drop on the pad and level they are not. The utility pedestal and sewer is at the rear of the pad. There are some shade trees. In some sites parking for the toad or tow vehicle is an issue. Each campground complex has a “stage stop” which includes restrooms and showers. The laundromat is at the gas station and there are several machines though a few are out of order. Campground roads were wet and muddy when we arrived but on the second day were drying and dust was becoming a problem. Some campsites had as many as 5 or 6 ATVs operating, all day and into the night. Quiet time is 12 AM to 6 AM and even that is abused. We would return but probably not in the summer season. We camped here in a Fifth Wheel.
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[ 10 / 10 ]
October 2010
Some of the other reviews of Cloud 9 Ranch are incorrect, so I just wanted to clarify some things. Cloud 9 Ranch is a member owned and operated resort. I am a member here, you have to be one to visit unless you come with a member as a guest. There are no 'lots' where people park their RV's. Although you do own a share of the property as a member, they are undivided shares so no one owns any particular spot. In fact, you are required to move to a different spot after a certain amount of time, depending on where you park at, which keeps the place more like a campground and less like a trailer park. I don't know why people put prices of their stay on here, because you have to be a member. If you are a member, you get 30 free days of camping per year so theoretically you could spend nothing while you're here if you wanted. There are some rental campers which aren't moved around much that belong to the ranch. Maybe people thought these were someone's personal trailers. If you are not a member, they will let you come take a tour and stay a couple nights for free to check the place out and decide if you want to buy a membership. Don't believe what everyone says about it being an ATV paradise. If you just want to come to ride, it's not the place. There are MUCH better places to ride with better trails that are way cheaper. However, it is really big, so if you want to come to explore the property, look for caves and wildlife, and just see the beauty of the land, but it just so happens you use an ATV to get around while doing these things, you will absolutely love it. We camped here in a Tent.
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[ 7 / 10 ]
May 2010
Overall this is a fabulous place. We stayed here as Coast to Coast. It is a private facility with deeded lots for members. There are many junky rental RVs and many people have fema-type trailers permanently located here, but it is still worth the trip. It is an ATV paradise with many trails for them. We would stay here again. We camped here in a Travel Trailer.
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