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NET Camping Resort
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2014-07-06 22:24:06
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Vineland, Ontario
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June 2014
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[ 9 / 10 ]
June 2014
I really liked this park. Fantastic for kids - so much going on! Our campsite was squished between a bunch of "seasonal" campers. It was close to everything, but I felt a tad bit awkward, like we were intruding on people, but they were very nice. Bathrooms were OK. Far but probably because I was in the "seasonal section". I would book again and maybe choose the tent/weekend camper area. We camped here in a Tent Trailer.
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[ 5 / 10 ]
August 2012
This was our first time camping here. I remember this campground as a child but under different management and name. Check in was fast and friendly, price is fair in our opinion $45 for water/electrical site, although the sites have absolutely no shade. No shade this summer was a killer. Our site was mixed in with the seasonal campers and beside the 5 cabins, centrally close to washrooms and pool. It's unfortunate that the sites in front of the pool and playground do not have water/electrical because that would have been convenient for us with having an 8 eight year old who could spend all day on the playground. We wouldn't consider the "lake" to be a lake, it's extremely muddy and is full of catfish and suckers. On their website they boast about good fishing and canoe rentals. We did not see canoes but there were a ton of paddle boats but not anywhere near the water. A sign was posted stating $5 paddle boat rentals for 1/2 hour. We'd have to say it very much lacks in the activity department! Summing up to a boring campground, but great for relaxation and quietness! Didn't have any encounters with racoons which is nice. And the bugs were very minimal. The pool are is clean, there are two pools, one that is 3ft and 4ft, the other is 4ft and not sure but a deeper end. The splash pad was okay, we couldn't imagine more that 4 kids on it at once, anymore would be a potential for accidents to happen. Lifeguard at one point was reading a book while 10 people were in the pool and she was located in the single pool area away from splash pad and "kids" pool. I don't even think she noticed when we entered that area. I did not see her look over once while my husband and 8 year old were in the pool. The playground was large and had many different play options. The main bathrooms were extremely clean and comfortable! Showers are metered at $1 for 10 minutes I believe. Downfall here they only accept old loonies! Here's the kicker. When I purchased a bundle of wood during check in, my change included a new loonie. You would think she knew that we campers would need old loonies (for the showers). Also would have been nice for her to mention it. The bathrooms up at the pool located inside the hall are not so clean, but tolerable. Truth be told, the only reason we went here because it is super close to home and we knew the weather was not going to be cooperative. We usually camp 2 hours away in Stouffville, that's were we will be going next year. We camped here in a Tent.
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[ 6 / 10 ]
July 2011
We have camped here 1/2 dozen times in the past 6 yrs. This year we noticed its become 90% season - lending the feeling that you're imposing on the seasonals. The speed bumps are ridiculous - every 50 feet and alternating across the road so that your truck and RV goes over at a bad angle. This year they introduced plastic hot pink wrist bands and asked us to wear them the entire stay - we refused and said that was ridiculous. They were not removable in a way we would be able to take them off to go shopping etc - and my 83 yr father in law would not wear a hot pink wristband. They claimed it was easier to see in cars entering. Instead we got the traditional paper for the dash board (which flies away very easily) - how about a mirror hanger like all the other parks use? Wi-Fi was down - we asked for it when we reserved - explaining it was essential (being out of country visitors it was they only way we could reach our sitter). When we called about it (after checking in parking etc etc) we were told a storm took out the Wi-Fi and that it would be over a week to fix! We would have gone else where - they knew it was down and had been for more than a week. On our return visit it was back up but so flaky it was basically not there - constantly dropping connection and super super slow. There is a lovely pond for kids to fish in - but there is no fountain and many run off 'creeks' run to it - breeding a huge amount of mosquitoes - which were rampant. The sites are not level (and being they're grass and gravel - 20 ft wide - it would have been pretty easy for them to do so). I am tired of paying extra for everything (at $50 plus a night this place is on the high side already). $10 For my guests to visit for dinner (not over night), $10 for my father in law to stay over night (from dinner to when we left 8 AM the next day). While the neighbour has 2-3 kids and pays no extra for that - it should be 4 people per site regardless of age but since its an adult you get charged extra. There is a great water play area if you have kids. They introduced soft serve ice cream this year - but it was expensive - $3.Plus - and stale. They require $20 cash deposit for the gate card. Since they close up at 9 PM that means you need it for just going out for dinner - as the park is about 40 min away from major towns. I had to go to an ATM in town to get cash for it. We stayed here on the long weekend July 2-3, and then 1 day in the next week. Staff if very friendly. Ultimately, though I think we will camp somewhere else next year - it's too expensive, too many add on fees and with the seasonals and the unlevel site not really worth it. We have no kids so the kid's park is not really useful to us. They do take Good Sam cards for a small discount. They are close to many vineyards (some of the best in the world) if you are looking for wine touring. We camped in the row by the washrooms, which is pretty much the only overnight pull through section left not used by seasonals. We camped here in a Fifth Wheel.
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