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June 2009
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June 2009
Very nice, picturesque campground. Boat slips available. The beach and swimming area is immaculate. Quiet, conscientious campers: no noise or junky sites. The seasonal sites were all well-kept and the management was courteous and welcoming. Our site was actually a double site which would have been awkward if two unrelated groups were using it, but we had two families sharing it so it was no big deal. Some of the hookups were awkwardly placed, but we made it work. The only confusing thing was that the boat slips were assigned by number, but none of the campers pay any attention to assigned spots. Maybe we were just being too picky about it as we always had a spot to tie up, no worries. We will be back again! We camped here in a Tent Trailer.
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[ 7 / 10 ]
October 2006
Park now under new management. They have improved the boat docks (3) and improved bath houses. They still have lots of full season campers ($2340.00) for the season/260.00 per month ) for their season 4Mar - 27Nov. These seasonals (over half the sites) need to be monitored & required to cleanup their sites. The new management plans to upgrade the sites & make them all full hookup. Right now the water sources are shared & there are long hoses running thro the park. This park will be a 10 if all the upgrades take place. This park is located on Tellico Lake about 1hr south of Knoxville. We camped here in a Fifth Wheel.
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[ 1 / 10 ]
This weekend I believe I discovered where the term, "Not a happy camper" was derived from. Our family called this campground weeks before arriving to get details regarding how much it would cost to stay at this facility. We told them exactly how many people planned to attend, and how many tents we had. The lady told us that we would need two campsites and gave us a price. We arrived at the campground, paid the money and set up our tents. The first night our campsite was covered in hundreds of roaches. When my wife went up to the office to tell them, the woman said that two young ladies that stayed there previously had not mentioned anything about roaches. Basically calling them liars. This implication was that either my wife was lying, or they did not know what they were talking about. My wife and her sister drove back down to the campsite and returned to the office with a bag full of roaches since they did not believe her. At that time they said that they were wood roaches and that the family of skunks that live on your campground must have stirred them up because they like to eat them. They said they would come to the campsite the next day and find the nest and get rid of them. The did not do this or even follow up. Everyone might say at this point, yes they did not handle the situation professionally, but it was not the end of the world, and as the gray headed gentlemen rudely pointed out the two evenings later, we realize that it is not the "Wal Mart Parking Lot", but it is also not a wilderness adventure. They have running water, and bathroom facilities. Unfortunately, this was not the only problem we had, or I would not be writing this review. When I arrived the next day with my brother in law, we entered the property which is protected by a gate with ease. During our stay, my brother in law got paged on an emergency call, so we left around 11:00am and returned around 3:30pm. At that time had great difficulty re-entering and were told that nobody we named was on the list including mine. This is obviously agitating because it was very apparent that they seemed to be slightly disorganized. Exactly how do you manage a full campground with over 750 people in it with a clipboard? Eventually after begging, we were allowed to enter the campsite that we had already paid for. That evening we had to worry about the family of skunks spraying us on the way to the bathroom while they were scrounging around for food and wood roaches. Again, we realize that this is not the "Wal Mart Parking Lot", but they make a thing called a trap that is used to capture skunks and relocated them to an area that is not densely populated with humans. I have clients that own campgrounds, and I am certain that if they knew there were families of skunks hanging around the campground indefinitely, they would have them relocated. After a long day, I decided to take a shower. I got a rude awakening when I was shocked by the electrical current that obviously runs to the back metal panel of the shower button. I am quite certain that they are aware of this long term problem, especially since everyone on the campground was complaining about it. Do you think that a reputable establishment has showers that shock you when you touch the metal backing the button is on? After trial and error, I finally figured out that if you touch the button only you don't get shocked, but if you touch the metal back, you will get shocked. I went down to try the other shower the next day by the beach, and it doesn't even work at all! On May 25th my mother in law's boyfriend arrived with our canoe and firewood and other necessities. Unfortunately they decided to tell him the campground was full and would not even let him in to discuss the matter. We would have not known as soon, if it were not for the arrogant "Marlboro man" that arrived to gloat about it. Why didn't they walk down with our guest? They obviously came all the way down to the campground anyway. He told us that we had too many tents and too many people. When I told him that the lady had been informed how many tents we had, once again the company reverted back to calling us a liar by responding, "I don't think so". If they are not allowed to have more than one tent per site, why do they allow people to do it all the time? They most certainly noticed the two previous nights that we had three tents on each campsite and didn't say a word. We have stayed at this campground on more than one occasion, and they never said anything about it. The only rule they have posted on the campground is not more than 10 people per campsite. They also did not disclose that the "payment receipt" we signed had rules and terms of use on the back side of it. We did not discover this until the man came down. What makes the matter worse is that they allowed the tents to stay up so obviously it does not really matter. It was before 10:00pm and we had 14 people between the two campsites, so why wasn't our guest allowed to enter? They acted like you did not know for sure what campground he was going to because he said "MyName" but "Myname" paid for the campsite, and "MyName" wrote the check! They didn't seem to have any problem finding us to gloat. They had absolutely no ground for turning our guest away even based upon their own rules. It was before 10:00pm and we did not have 20 people on our campsites. They get enjoyment out of the control and turning people away. They should have let him in, it was my mother in law's boyfriend and thanks to their rudeness she had to leave my wife's birthday party which was that night. It was quite obvious from the gentleman's statements that he could care less about the guests, and it's "my way or the highway". My wife pointed out when he started to brag about throwing the drunks out, they had some people in a camper moaning and yelling having wild you know what which you could hear all over, so we are not impressed by the control of noise pollution. They also left all the trash cans full over the weekend with a full facility which is also very unprofessional. As he said, it is not the Wal Mart parking lot, surely they know leaving trash out all night attracts wild animals like skunks. Implying that your customer is a liar is not acceptable. Not allowing paying guests into the campground during visitor hours is a breech of contract. Knowingly allowing skunks to roam a family campground without attempting to relocate them is unacceptable. A person could lose work for over a week if they got sprayed by a skunk. I give this campground a great big double thumbs down! We camped here in a camper.
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