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Review Submission Rules
  • Due to the volume of reviews that we receive, we need your help! Please punctuate your reviews correctly. Include 2 spaces after punctuation at the end of sentences and 1 space after commas.
  • Please use proper case. For example, "my best camp" or "my town" without the first letter being a capital letter, or "WISCONSIN" in all capitals, is not correct punctuation. "My Best Camp" and "My Town" and "Wisconsin" is correct!
  • You must enter the exact state and city the campground is in, or the review will not be posted. Do not add extra "notes" with the city such as "near Chicago" as this just has to be removed. Enter just the city where the campground is actually located--nothing more!
  • You must provide the complete name of the campground you are reviewing. Entering just "KOA" is not good enough, as there could be more than one KOA in the area. If we can not verify that the review matches the city and campground, then we will not post the review.
  • Take the time to find and enter the actual campground's website. Entering a website such as http://www.koa.com is not correct, as that is the main website for KOA and not the specific campground you are reviewing.
  • Please do not give anyone's name (including the campground owner's) in the review.
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