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rating [ 9/10 ]
A very nice park but quite pricey. That is why I can only give an overall rating of 9. We stayed in the Club Castaways section and had a nice view of the Sinepuxent Bay and Assateague Island. Sites are wide, are paved and have a nice pad off to the side for parking the truck or car but there was a drop off the RV pad onto the grass which made for a little tripping hazard when entering and exiting the RV. It would be nice if they could widen the pad to make a small patio next to the RV: it would help to justify the high price too. The park is very clean, well maintained and very dog friendly. Our black lab loved the doggy beach. We enjoyed ourselves and will probably return in the future.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We love camping here. We have been coming here for about 4 years and choose to camp up on the hill in the peaceful wooded sites. If you like a lot of activities you would be better off on the bottom level where all the action is. It is a bit pricey especially since we have seen some deterioration over the last couple years but nothing a little effort could not fix. I would never call this a resort but I expect that comes from the fact that they offer a spa with massages, etc - never tried it, can't comment. The staffs' attitude over the last couple years has also deteriorated but so far we have been willing to overlook that for a good campsite. This year almost became our final visit when the staff spoke nastily to us for arriving 20 minutes before their stated check in time yet 40 minutes after their stated check out time. They apparently do not allow any early check in even if it is only a few minutes and they become quite irate at anyone breaking this rule. Oh well, I guess everyone can't be in a good mood every day but I hope the front line customer service staff take some lessons in friendly before our next visit. PS. Next trip we will try to time our travel so as to arrive on the dot.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We really liked this park. We had a site on the creek which was large, shaded and peaceful. They have an area that is open and sunny but we prefer to camp in the woods. The sites directly on the creek vary in size and not all have full hookups. All sites on the creek side of the campground are shaded. We had a water/electric site that was very nice. It was not a problem because they have two very nice pump outs. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The store is well stocked. There is a large playground, pool, miniature golf and shuffle board. We are older, have no kids, but like to walk our dog. The dog area was not too far away from our campsite. There are roped off pass thru walkways in different areas that run right next to some campsites and several campsites back right up to the bath house. We would not like all the foot traffic that close to our site but I guess it's a good way to meet people. If that sort of thing bothers you then check the campground map and avoid those sites. Most site are average size, some are large and a few are very small so be sure to give the correct size of your rig so they can get you into a suitable site. There are no tv hookups so we had to depend on our antenna. Reception was bad and we were only able to tune in one station but then we were not there to watch tv. We enjoyed this park and plan to return often.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We like this park. Some sites are not suited for a larger rig but many are. We have a 35 ft 5th wheel and they have a number of pull thrus and back-ins that are situated quite nicely for bigger rigs. They have a nice lake for fishing and a trail for hiking. There are many activities to keep kids busy. Many of the park's sites are seasonal and permanent and they seem to be strict about their park rules but we have no problem following rules. We are guests and want the park to be left in good condition for our next visit. The fenced pet area is great because we have a lab and our rving buddies have Jack Russells. We will definitely be back. It is close to our home so good for our first outing as well as a few quick weekend getaways.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We stayed here in a 35 ft fifth wheel. Our only mistake was coming on their folk festival weekend. Their rates were doubled $135 per person for Thursday thru Monday, that was $270 for two of us, and we did not think the festival was all that but surely some people would enjoy it. We love this campground but then we love to sit outside around a campfire with our friends. We like the mountain sites but it is just the two of us and the dog. People with kids will probably be better off at the bottom of the mountain near the activities. So too will be the people who want to spend their days sightseeing so they do not have to make the trek up and down the mountain. It is steep but quite manageable. You do have to be a little fit to walk it. This is the closest to camping in the woods as you can get with all the modern conveniences. The sites numbered 1500+ are large and setup so back in is easy for larger rigs. The sites are separated with a little patch of woods to give some privacy. We have been here twice in two years and plan on a trip or two here next year.
rating [ 7/10 ]
A nice park but we will not be back. It is very well kept with fair size wooded sites. Most of the park is set up as permanent or seasonal sites. We had an Ultra site which is supposed to handle big rigs. We and two of our friends were there, all in 35 ft fifth wheels. We all had a difficult time getting into our sites. We spent the weekend watching other big rigs having difficulty maneuvering into their sites. First there are cute little split rail fences which are too close to the narrow road and to the site entrance when you are trying to swing your larger RV into the site. Our pickup was an inch from the fence across the street when my husband was swinging the 5th wheel around to avoid the fences that lined our site. The fences are nice but are in the way when you have to back in with a longer RV. It is the same with the lamp post - cute but in the way. Leaving was another story. The streets are narrow and one way. We had a difficult time getting around some corners because of the fences. There are a lot of low hanging branches that rubbed the roof and sides of the RV. Our friends had a particularly problem getting by on their street because several golf carts were parked in the street at the permanent residences. It took a bit of time finding someone to move the golf carts. It is a very nice park if you have anything under about 25 ft. or if you rent one of their may cabins. They have a beautiful well kept beach on a lovely lake. There is also a second very nice smaller lake for fishing only. There are several small pet areas at one end of the park but getting there is not the best. The narrow streets and active traffic are not really conducive to walking your dogs to the pet areas.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is an extremely nice park for anyone wishing to visit the DC area. The staff are very helpful and well informed about the area. You can catch a Metro bus right at the park which will take you to the downtown DC attractions. We live about an hour away in Maryland and this was our 3rd visit to the park in 2 years. This is our first trip of the year 'shakedown park' to be sure everything is working after winter storage and once we met friends here for a short weekend visit. The facilities are spotless. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The park is well maintained. There is a nice, small fishing pond and a nature trail for hiking. There is a very large pet park with plenty of room for exercising your dog. It is not fenced. The sites are not wooded but there are trees between the rows of RV's affording some camping ambiance but we rolled our awning up when we built campfire because of the narrowness of the site. We have met people from all over the country at this park. They were all here to visit the sites in DC. We stayed at the park and found that even if the park is full you will rarely see anyone because they are all out sightseeing during the day so we pretty much had the park to ourselves. The rates seem a little high but considering the area and how well maintained the park is, the rates are not far out of line.
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