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rating [ 3/10 ]
The sites are very close together, practically piled up on top of each other, smaller lots than anywhere else I've seen.
rating [ 4/10 ]
They are sort of OK. Geared towards full timers, nothing wrong with that. The management stays out of you way for the most part. They could put a bit more work in it like pave the roads or at least put more gravel. When it runs, many sites turn into mud holes. A few years ago they put cable TV in there, which was nice. But the monthly fee is not cheap either, it's about 700 the last time I checked. This is however much cheaper than the alternative campgrounds. I actually enjoyed my stay there and would go there again if I could.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Sort of OK. Nice place and beautiful. No cable, wi-fi or anything interesting and too far from Philly to commute on a daily basis. The management doesn't do much in the winter, seem to be gone to Florida or something, but on the other hand don't bother you either.
rating [ 1/10 ]
First of all, the facilities, the laundry room are all at least adequate, the park is clean and neat and well-taken care of and nice with a lot of trees. The lots are nicely sized and one of the better ones I have seen. The background is nice with forest behind it and fields near it. However, the management is extremely strict and micromanaging. They have rules and if you fail to abide by them, you will get kicked out very fast. For example, no visitors after 9pm. One guy showed up at 9:01pm and they wouldn't let him in! Then the person he was visiting found out about it and was furious with the managers and they asked him how much of his fees he wanted refunded, if he didn't like it! They definitely have an attitude. Customer service is not one of their strong points. Let you license plate tags expire and that's another very quick way to get booted out. Some areas of the park have the strict one car per lot rule and they will absolutely not make any exceptions, even for handicapped people. I couldn't believe it. If you have someone with a handicapped license tag visit you, they will be told to park elsewhere, not near you. They will patrol the neighborhood and look for things that are wrong, like any dogs off leach, which will also mean they won't renew your monthly lease. Warn you once, warn you twice - and you are out of there. They are the only COG in the area convenient to both Baltimore and semi-convenient to D.C. area and they know it, so it's heavily booked and have a 40 person waiting list during the camping season. In fact, when I got there, they didn't have a monthly spot and were charging me a steep weekly rate which turned out to be over a grand per month (for a piece of dirt with a few hookups) They supposedly have Wi-f, but don't believe it and don't count on it. The SpotLink service it extremely spotty and one time has been down for weeks after a storm knocked the dish out of alignment. I called SpotLink everyday to no avail, and Rambling Pines people called them many times. Even when it does work, it covers a relatively small area near the office (maybe 150-200 yard radius) and doesn't reach to about 3/4 or more of the campground due to the heavy forest. Since they offer no cable TV or anything like that, it's a pretty boring place to stay for any extended period of time. The staff is low class except maybe one guy who was friendly. I have been to many Cogs. Many of them not as nice as this one facilities-wise, but I would have to say that out of several years full-timing, this has to be the worst experience I ever had. Plus, it's too expensive for what you get, it's not even close to being 5-stars. I did hear that the rates go down in the winter some. So to sum it up, nice facilities if you stay short term, but long-term you will wear out their welcome. Some people told me they have been there for years and never did felt like that place was their home. It's definitely not suited towards full-timers. Not a bad campground but the management's attitude and lack of respect for their clientèle is the key problem. The woman that runs it is a micromanaging control freak and spends all her time there in her little world. Maybe it gets better in the winter when the office works limited hours and the "administrators" go to Florida.
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