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rating [ 10/10 ]
Stayed overnight. Quiet even though not far from the interstate. Small store for those that needed something for the camper. Very nice very friendly and would stay here again. Easy to find not far from I-75. They give a Good Sam club discount
rating [ 1/10 ]
Mass confusion upon arrival. They did not have our reservation and the confusion came because one of our friends had made reservations for four sites. They were under their names and we were able to convey this to the staff. We paid for two nights as we were set up for a campground tour on Friday with the understanding we would get two nights free if we took the tour. We had planned on staying 4 nights. We were also told that the tour would take place at noon. When the time arrived and no one came to the site we went to them. Again, more confusion. After walking up to the sales center we were told that because we came with three other RVs we could not take the tour. There is some sort of hidden rule that if you camp with others, you are not eligible for tours of the campground. Red flags should have been raised by then. Our tour guide had gone to town to the auto parts store and wasn’t even available to answer the questions we had. The next morning "Ron" came to the site and said we owed more for the site and there was never any promise of any free nights. To say the least "Ron" was rude. Since we had already paid for two nights and no obvious discussion with “Ron” over the problems we had faced. He also never admitted that he was our tour guide. We told him we were willing to leave. Two of the other campers, who were not taking the tour, said they would take a refund and leave also. “Ron” said there would be no refunds for anyone. Again after we agreed that the best thing to do was leave. “Ron” said we could pay half price for the two nights he said we owed. He also said we could not get any tours. Later we found out “Ron” was the manager and that they don’t want you talking with other people who take the tour, because you’ll see how “stupid” it would be to purchase one with this camp site. The other staff members we met were very friendly. Ron turned us off with his attitude. He is a terrible ambassador for Ohio and Wally World RV Resort. For those that have never been at this campsite be warned. There are no concrete slabs, no level sites, no cable, no Wi-Fi, no local TVs to view and no sewer hook ups. There are lovely views of old campers lined along the creek with trash and moss on them. All of this for $40.00 a night. There are many “homesteaders” that have been there for a long time. Many have moss growing on them. They also have the good sites, if you want to call them that along the river. If you have levelers, expect to sink in should it rain, which it did on our four nights. The communications between staff , management, and sales was nonexistent. This should be called an “RV Last Resort”. This is far from what we would call a "Resort". It was a real mud pit when we pulled out this morning. I would not recommend it to my worst enemies. It is nowhere close to Amish country so don't fall for this lie.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is not a KOA any longer. It changed over to a Jelly Stone Park in July 10. It is also a Good Sam. Nice location and this being our first stay in a camp cabin it was nice. Nice clean showers and rest rooms. Not a lot going on but it was still winter. They rent canoes and have other things to do for those with children. Easy to find off the interstate. Far enough away not to hear the noise. Would stay here again if I pass through.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very nice park. Great pads, all concrete. Only has 4 pull thoughts. No wireless. No trains, planes or automobiles, meaning no noise. Woke up to birds, how great is that! This campground is remote but well worth the trip. Great friendly staff. No hassle check in. Swimming is at the lake and only when MWR life guards are working. No cable but they were working on it when we arrived. I expect it will be up soon. Great place and we will return.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very clean campground. Nice, friendly staff. Nice campground store. Conveniently located not far from the interstate. First visit here and would stop here again when I pass through.
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