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rating [ 1/10 ]
Very beautiful KOA, warm working staff, clean and safe. A park can have all of these things, however if the manager has poor leadership skills, and is not willing to listen to his paying customers and staff, it will not flourish. We were accused of sucking up all of the internet bandwidth of the park! (how crazy is that?) based on his uneducated hunch of how a Wi-Fi ranger works (sold to RVers everywhere). We felt like we were talking to a wall, met with "I know" after every sentence. We could not believe someone in a manager position would walk up to an RVer and spew such ridiculous accusations. Being the scapegoat of a flawed internet system, the manner in which we were accused as the "guest" motivates us to never stay here again until there is new management. If you happen to stay here, do not look to get help from the manager. Find a staff person, they are friendly, understanding, and they actually listen.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Where else can you find free Saturday afternoon cookouts every Saturday and meet the friendly, generous owner? The kids are treated with free ice cream, and can swim in the clean pool daily. The bathrooms/showers are comfy and clean. There is a very safe feeling, a warm feeling in this park. The staff is exceptional and as the sign above their office read "Enter as Strangers~Leave as Friends", we certainly did. (weekly rate noted)
rating [ 5/10 ]
This rate is with Passport America. Our site has a nice concrete slab, is pretty tight, but a nice location next to the showers/laundry. I checked that the bathrooms were clean meaning they did get cleaned daily. However, I found the women's bathroom to have hair on the floor and shower in unsettling amounts, which made it uncomfortabble for my girls and me to get ready in there. The caulking on the floor needs replacement, moldy, and one of the shower floors has a large crack in the center where water seeps into the subfloor. The doors to get into the restroom areas do not close right, so "nature visits". The laundry room was roomy and clean. There was not a laundry tub available to use. The Wi-Fi service was poor. The ladies at the front desk are so very warm and helpful. It was also nice to be able to use the hotel next door to shower in when they turned off the water because of freezing temps. The kids enjoyed seeing the ducks on the lake.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is an excellent park. We paid $125 for the week. The park has concrete pads for parking on, well kept landscaping of palm trees, thick grass, and rock. The staff was so friendly and helpful. It is evident the owners have put a lot of planning, time, and energy into this park. (It was fun joining them at Karaoke night!) The bathrooms and showers were beautifully tiled and clean. There was also a spacious laundry room. The clubhouse had activities going on daily, and they supported a good Wi-Fi connection. We were able to wash our RV on site at no cost. Our four children enjoyed walking the dog to the pet area, singing karaoke, and the ice cream social. The location allowed us to get our supplies at Walmart, visit the ocean, see the USS Lexington, and shop at Corpus Christi. We thank them for such a welcoming stay. We were only there for a week, but already feel like part of the family. We would definitely stay here again!
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