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rating [ 1/10 ]
We were given 6 different 50-amp sites to choose from. You check in at the motel. No one was available to escort us. When we got to the sites it was impossible to tell where the site numbers were. Some of the sites were empty but the electric box was already being used by an RV on the "other" side. We finally made a decision and tried to park the 5th wheel (37'). There were low hanging power lines and a large tree in our way. While trying to maneuver the power lines, our RV was damaged by a large limb. The people in the office were absolutely no help. Extremely over-priced. Can not recommend this place to anyone.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Very nice park. Extremely clean - easy to get in and out. Highly recommend this park.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice, extra-wide space. I think we had a "premium" site - plenty of room to park our truck beside the 5th-wheel. My only complaint is that I was charged an extra $12 but I don't know what it was for. I asked if cable was included and was told "yes". Now, looking back on my receipt, I have no idea what I paid $12 for unless it was the cable. Would stay here again but will be extra-diligent in reviewing charges before paying.
rating [ 3/10 ]
It is average at best: basically a gravel lot with hookups. The website indicated that the pool was being remodeled but, when looking at it, they've filled it with old tires. Doesn't look like it's being worked on. The hot tub was supposed to be available from 3pm - 6pm. We went to use it at 5pm (since we had just arrived). The man in the office said, "Well, it will take about an hour to warm up: you should have told me when you checked in that you wanted to use it." Like it was our fault. We can not recommend this one.
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