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rating [ 2/10 ]
We found the campground to be nice and sites appeared well kept. Grounds were nicely kept as well. BUT: this rating of 2 is directed at the management, (ownership). They were an unfriendly bunch. We had made a reservation (no deposit needed and no reservation number). When we arrived the owners were rude and cold-shouldered. Very uneasy feeling: so strong that, after paying (cash only) and striking out for Tanglewood we turned around and went back. We decided to get our money back and traveled an additional 8 miles out of our way. They gave us our money back and we left. We are a very friendly couple and we follow campground guidelines. We expect courteous behavior from campground owners. NOT rudeness. We did not feel welcomed. These owners should either get a different occupation or take an evening manners course. Very hostile environment. Too bad too as it was a great looking place. We TRIED to camp here for our anniversary weekend in the Berkshires. (We did not stay in this park.)
rating [ 8/10 ]
Staff were helpful and friendly. Park was clean and neat. Camp store stocked nicely. Our site, site 32 is recommended. Lots of room. Some shade. Some privacy and grass too. Only gripe: Showers. There was only one shower complex at front of campground and there was a wait every time. To bad they don't have showers located around campground or at least another complex available in rear of campground. There were rest rooms located in 3 or 4 locations and they could add a shower or two if they agreed with my review. Anyway. I would camp here again: go Red Sox!
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great campground. Clean. Lots of things to do. I will camp here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This 5 is not a scathing review but I was a little taken aback when I first arrived.. The staff were very friendly and checked me in with no delay. My problem, however was in regard to my initial reservation... I have a 26' motor home class C and I asked for something on edge of campground. Im a light sleeper and I like it a little quiet. I knew this was a bustling family campground. They initially put me in site 4C which looked fine and I hung up satisfied. The clerk called back sometime later to tell me the owners thought Id be more comfortable in site 58A. I was skeptical and questioned the size on the campground map.The clerk reassured me. (I even called a few days before arrival to voice my concern and was reassured that I would be fine.) At arrival I found I could not get into this very very small site which seemed better suited as a tent or pop-up site. I do not know why they were "sticking" me there. The site was not level and very rough as well. I noted my discontent to an employee who said the office was very busy with people coming in on reservations. I assured this fellow I was one of the people with a reservation and that I needed help. After some discussion they set me up in the "seasonal area in a vacant flat grassy site... They even escorted me to site and made sure I was satisfied. The site worked out nicely and I was pleased with the customer service extended. Although we enjoy quiet camping I might return in that we go to nearby tanglewood and there are very limited facilities in the area with hookups. I did stay away from the "tenting side" and I did look for an empty seasonal upon arrival...We were lucky to get site 42B. I left here satisfied but entire experience would of been more pleasant if the initial office worker had taken more time to review my needs and acted accordingly. I made the reservation well in advance of my arrival.
rating [ 9/10 ]
I am commenting on the shower facilities and restroom cleanliness. I will sometimes use my motor home facilities instead of a campground's. I am an stickler when it comes to cleanliness. My wife came back from taking a shower and urged me to use available facility. The shower was very well constructed and paneled. The owners really did a great job. The facility was spotless and it was the nicest I've ever used in a campground. We found the campground met our needs for an overnight stay and we will return.
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