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rating [ 9/10 ]
GREAT Campground!! It is laid out well, very clean and family friendly. Will be back soon!
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great Campground. Under new ownership and she is doing a lot of improvements. Some of the sites are a little tight to get into but not that bad for a 26' Travel Trailer. Rates are a tad high but they do have cable hookups at the sites and that is included. We will be back again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great campground! We stayed here over Labor Day and the activities were endless for young and old. The only knock that we had was the alcoholic beverages displayed and a number of empty containers alongside the roads. They kept the park very clean but some people just don't care. We would probably stay here again.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Our site was changed 3 times, and the last time, the site they gave us, someone was already in there. Dogs ran wild, doing their business anywhere and on our camper tires. The campground had potential but I guess since the campground was for sale, the owners let it run down somewhat. The pictures on their website is way out of date. The roads are in disrepair and would be a beast for a camper 30' or larger. We will not be back.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This could be a great campground. The hosts of the campground were a little rough around the edges. The man had a foul mouth but the lady was very nice. The campground had a lot of locals in it and the seasonal sites were a bit run down. We were told that the owner had some big plans if the county would cooperate with him. The campground was a little run down and the bath house was unkempt. We probably will not be back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Decent campground. Alot of amenities for young and old. All the sites were good. They had a local bluegrass band there the weekend we were there. They also had a church service that Sunday which we really appreciated. We will be back again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great campground!! The owner is friendly and the campground is clean and organized. We will be back again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Sites was good but the amenities were bad. All activities were a quarter mile away down another road. The bath house was still incomplete. It had, in our opinion, a good tent area and that's it. We will not be back.
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