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rating [ 1/10 ]
I had a reservation at this park and arrived after a long drive from Eureka, CA. There was a Closed sign up and no other information. No one called me to tell me they were closing. I called the Robinson Rancheria Indians who run the park and was told it was probably closed for the season. I wondered why my reservation was even taken if they knew the park would close for the season. Unfortunately, no one could give me an answer. I will never even attempt to stay in this park again even if they do reopen. The customer service is way beyond poor. The park itself is a bit old and rundown but has waterfront sites over looking Clearlake. There is also another section of the park on the opposite side of the road across from the lake. The sites are a little tight for a big rig, but appear to be fairly level (the ones facing the waterfront).
rating [ 10/10 ]
We love this park! It is a small park that is clean, neat and very friendly. The sites are level and some are shaded. Our only regret is that we couldn't get satellite reception from site 25, but the park has major cable and we got all the channels we normally watch. The park is right on Highway 101, but the road noise is minimal. We like this place so much that we are coming back for a week next year.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Check in was fast and easy. The park is clean and tidy. Sites are wider than you would expect in this type of park. The public shuttle to Disneyland is conveniently located near the Resort office. There is some road noise, but it's not too bad and at least the Resort is not right on the freeway. This is our 4th time here and probably not our last.
rating [ 4/10 ]
The rating is a composite of the actual campground (6) and the "hospitality" of the host (2). The view is wonderful and the power is solid. Unfortunately, the water pressure is quite low and the sites are a bit unlevel. The campground is located on the side of a hill with the sites terraced. My main problem was with the host. Right after Labor Day they close between noon and 3:00 pm. I checked the website and did not see anything about this. We were only coming from Colorado Springs so we got here about 1:30 pm. I was lucky to have the host allow us to check in early but he was somewhat surly about it. When we got to our assigned site we realized it was only 30 amps when I thought I had asked for 50 amps. We went back to the office (in the rain) and were able to catch the host just as he was taking off in his truck. My husband told him that he thought I had reserved a 50 amp site. The guy just went off. He said we accused him of making a mistake. Actually, I told him it was probably my fault, but we would really like a 50 amp site (the campground was nearly empty). Instead of being gracious about it, he grumped and growled the whole time he changed the campsite while I kept apologizing for making the mistake. By the time he was done, we really felt unwelcome. This situation could have been handled so much better with just a cheerful, "Let's fix that for you." This host really needs some classes in customer service!
rating [ 2/10 ]
This looked like a good park for a two night stay on our way back to Sacramento from a 2 month stay in Oregon. We pulled in around 1:30 p.m. and were pretty tired after the drive down CA 139 (very narrow, winding, and steep). There was a note pinned on the office door that stated they would not be open until 9:00 a.m. the next morning. They did leave our site number posted so we were able to park and get settled. I was very disappointed because I wanted to ask questions about where to have my hair done and where to eat plus get some info on what to see. We felt rather unwelcome. When we were finally able to get into the office the next day, I asked if it was the normal policy to close the office in the afternoons. The lady at the desk was very curt and surly about the fact that she had errands to run that day. She said there was no one else to man the office while she was gone. This seems to be to be rather poor business sense. There was an envelope to fill out and slide in the door if you wanted to pay cash, but to use a credit card you had to wait till the next day. We saw many rigs pull in after we did and I wonder how many just stayed the night and left the next morning (before 9:00 a.m.) without paying. This is an ok campground (nothing to brag about). Under the circumstances, we will never stay here again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
I made a reservation here nearly a year ago because I knew we would be here over the Labor Day holiday. When we arrived, we found that the park had lost our reservation. Luckily, they were not anywhere near as busy as we thought. They initially placed us in a site that was just barely long enough for our 38 foot rig. Parking our towed car would have been very tricky. The site they placed us in had been reported a week earlier for power problems. Apparently no one bothered to fix the problems or check it. It could have burned out our appliances if we had not had a surge guard. The office staff was very nice about it and allowed us to move to another site. The best 50 amp sites were not available to us because a large group was coming in during our stay and wanted these sites - this after we made our reservation a year in advance! The site we ended up in was extremely narrow and not at all level, but we managed to get settled. The park says their water pressure exceeds 60 psi, but we are only getting about 20 psi in this site (234). Also, the Wi-Fi did not work at all. The further away from the main building you are, the worse it gets. The site we ended up in is waaaay up the canyon and around a corner from the office. We would not have rated this park as high as we did if it had not been for the scenery. We do have a great view down the steep little canyon. We will not be staying here again.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a fairly nice park. We made our reservation in August 2008, and requested a 50 amp site. When we arrived we found that we had been assigned a 30 amp site. At first the staff was unwilling to do anything about it because the Labor Day holiday was just a few days away and they were fully booked. We pulled into the assigned site and I went back to the office to try again. This time, I got someone who was more than willing to help. We were moved to a nice, shady, 50 amp site. My recommendation to anyone wanting to stay here is to get a written confirmation of your site requests. Also, the best views are in row F, sites 28 through 16.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is an outstanding little park. We spent the previous 2 weeks at Harbor Vista and were glad to move to this park. The sites are long, wide, level and private. You can hear the soothing sounds of the ocean (especially at night). WI-FI has recently been installed and it works great. The owners are very friendly and helpful. We will plan to stay here every time we come through Florence.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Terrific park. It is very clean and the sites are wide and comfortable. We had a riverside site and the sound of the water was so soothing. There is a train track nearby but the trains only come through a couple of times per day. This was our first visit here but it will definitely no be our last!
rating [ 5/10 ]
This is a nice clean park with great landscaping. The sites are much farther apart than normal. There is a golf course surrounding the sites. The only reason I gave this park a rating of 5 instead of 10 is due to the management. We have a folding screen room that we set up so our cats can be outside with us without wearing a harness. When we stayed here for 16 days last year, we were given permission to set the screen room up. With that understanding, we set it up for our stay here this year. All was well until 10 days into our 32 day stay when the host told us to take the screen room down. Subsequent conversations with the manager revealed that someone complained that we were allowed to set up a "tent" when they couldn't use theirs. I explained that our screen room is by no means a "tent". It is open on two sides with roll up flaps on the other two. No one sleeps in it (except the cats). The short story is that we were forced to take the screen room down due to the jealousy of others and the manager's lack of backbone. The moral here is that, while this is a great park, you can't trust the manager's word. We now feel that we are not wanted here and will never stay in this park again. There is a great state park just down the road where we always feel welcome.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We spent 4 nights in this very nice little park. The sites were long and level, and the 50 amp power was good and solid. The only problem is that the train tracks run within 300 to 500 yards of the park. Trains come roaring through at all times of the day and night. You do sort of get used to them after while though. The park itself is very picturesque with a large pond full of geese, herons, and ducks. We will definitely stay here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Outstanding park! Sites, both pull-through and back-in were long and level. Extremely clean grounds, buildings, and pool. Very prompt casino shuttle picks up at and brings you back right to your door 24 hours a day. So quiet at night we could hear owls hooting in the trees bordering the RV park. We would stay here again anytime we have the chance!
rating [ 1/10 ]
We camped at this park so we could visit Colonial Williamsburg. The park is nothing special but it seemed quiet and clean. To our surprise and shock, a group moved into the row behind our rig and proceeded to set up a tent. They then began to perform bluegrass music. This went on and on until around 9:0 p.m., I asked them to please stop so we could get some rest. They did stop about 15 minutes later. I went to the office the next morning to complain and was told that this was a prearranged bluegrass festival every year. Many more groups of bluegrass players were arriving and began setting up all throughout the campsite area. I suggested that the management allow the folks to set up in a large grassy area away from the main campsites. However, I was told that the participants would not agree to that. Apparently someone neglected to tell me about this festival when I made my reservation. We were surrounded by people playing bluegrass music and all different tunes. It was intolerable. Management did, finally, allow us to move to a campsite as far removed from the music as possible. We will never go back to this campground. We also recommend that anyone making a reservation here ask up front if any "activities" will be going on during their stay.
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