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rating [ 7/10 ]
Very nice camp ground. Nice view over water - think river. We only stayed one night because of Passport America and set camp when it was dark. Not overly big rig friendly. Roads to and from narrow and tight turns. You can not just turn off the highway and get to the camp ground easy. Pull through but either us or the staff knew the height of the powerless inside the camp ground. Store Full of things - get little gem. We bought a fresh pumpkin pie. Must have been at least 3000 things to buy there. Everything from souvenirs to all sorts of food.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Beautifully situated only 1.5 miles from DC Metro Station Wiehle. Large park. Great for big rigs. Toilets/showers very clean and spacious. No WiFi at all but good Verizon LTE coverage. Government run multi use park. Skate board facility near the entrance of the main camp ground so I would recommend a site on the back end. Great place to stay for exploring all the attractions in town. No water or sewer hookups at that site but easy access.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The campground is family owned and run. Fast to reply to emails re. bookings. 1.5 hours from Boston and about 45 minutes from a commuter train. Has a pool (closed when we were there) and a swim pond. Slightly outdated facilities. Would need a small upgrade to be called modern and fresh. Staff helpful, especially the campgrounds handy man who helped us to fix a small problem we had with a fitting leaking in our RV - 10 points! Water quality and pressure good. Sewer worked fine, too. Who ever designed the card reader for the gate in to the campground should be fired or promoted to something else. You had to do all sorts of circus tricks to get to it from a large truck. Shop had some small things we needed so good. Internet useless most of the time. Speedtest.net on the staffs computer at the front desk measures over 50mb/s but with my own devices I never got more than 2mb/s and most of the time 56K like good old dial up. Asked them twice to restart the router not sure if they did. Claimed it works even though I showed them that it took 4,5 min to load CNN.COM. Not a problem if I knew it was bad but decided to stay a week here just because they told me over the phone that internet worked great. Verizon LTE worked OK but cost me $100 in extra charges for the week as I work via internet.
rating [ 10/10 ]
First of all - this campground has something many campgrounds lack - it has a soul! You feel very welcome from the first minute you check in and until you leave. Owners present (they live at the CG) and are helping all the time. Most of the sites are seasonal and this campground really changed my earlier a bit negative view of the guests who stay long. Seasonal here are exceptionally friendly and comes by to say hi and share some tips of local restaurants, places worth seeing etc. Campground is easy to find, sign easy to see, you get a gate card so you can get inside 24/7. Sewer for grey water and 50AMP electric. We were there during Labour Day and were lucky to get a site since one person cancelled late. In the center there is a lake divided in to a fishing zone and one for swimming. Took a swim almost every night to cool down and it was really clean and very well kept. Laundry worked fine and toilets were simple but clean. We camped in our Fifth Wheel and are full timers so did not use the facilities very often. The wireless internet is the best we have encountered so far. A steady 5-10mb/s and a customer service Best in Class. The even gave us some extra hours at the day we left for free. They do charge a buck or two per day but that is ok since the speed was fantastic. I rather pay a small fee and KNOW it works then to get to a CG with lousy free WiFi that comes and goes. Cosy place and highly recommended, again - hardware is important like electricity etc. but software is actually a factor worth competing with as well. They had a small store with great prices and we filled propane as well. Fireplaces at every site. Lots of trees and shade not perfect for satellite dishes but we did not have time to watch TV, nice to socialize with all the great people instead. At labour Day they had MooseHunt for the kids and some other activities. Very family friendly. Price here was low (hope the owner does not read this review!) even given the fact that electricity and internet was extra. Lots to see in Toledo as well so the two weeks we stayed went VERY fast. We will for sure come back hopefully already in the spring.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Great camp ground, pool like brand new. Owner is very friendly and lives on location and helps with everything. He was fun to talk with. Beantown has very good internet, easy to get satellite signal, bicycling distance to the city (Baileys Harbor), shop that sells small things and a small bar with bar food on location. Easy to park, clean rest rooms and laundry. The ONLY negative we found out is the sign is off the road and easy to miss - address in our Garmin GPS is a quarter mile north of the actual entrance.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The positive first: - Very beautiful site, we had #127 in a corner with beautiful trees surrounding a porch deck and further down a fire pit area in the grass. So two levels and very private. Quiet and very little traffic. Pool clean and looked new. Store open with a decent selection of products. Very nice owners, helped us with packages and letters. Toilets clean. Power stable.10 minute ride to Waupaca. Very good Verizon coverage. Extremely beautiful area and campground. Not a field but wooded small hills. Pool was in the mid eighties when we were there. Then the negative: - Absolutely no Wi-Fi so we had to spend 100 dollars to Verizon for the three weeks. Parking is hard since sites are pretty small. We parked under a pine tree that dropped some sap, to be expected but a thought, you have to be on your toes to navigate a big rig through. So to summarize, a hidden gem in Wisconsin in a very beautiful area and with caring and friendly owners on location that helps you with whatever you ask for. Try it out! We planned to stay a week but extended it to three. However our only wish for the future is Wi-Fi. Today as important as water and electricity for us fulltimers.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The good stuff - - Clean, nice and quiet except for some trains and a race track, pool area like brand new. Staff was great and helpful and washer/dryer worked perfect, close to the water parks. Shop sold milk, beer and other things, little pricey but ok selection, seasonal's very friendly. The bad stuff - - WiFi Internet was a joke. I prefer not working internet instead of extremely slow internet. Staff agreed but could not do anything. Verizon LTE works perfect though but more expensive. Water was very rusty so bring some extra filters. Occasional sewer smell but not often
rating [ 5/10 ]
Stayed here since we took delivery of our new Fifth Wheel from Spader RV next door. Great to test out all functions. Staff very friendly. Situated on a field just close to the highway. Internet fantastic! Great for an overnight stay. No campfires allowed.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Like this park a lot. Quiet but still a lot of people around. Got two new friends there from another state. Easy to access the sites even with our long rig. Water turned off for first week since it was freezing cold but campground called and informed us. We stayed there for 6 weeks so no problems at all. Staff friendly. Always tried to help you out. Clean and no litter, screaming kids, or drunk people, but still people who had beer and kids who had fun! Pool very clean and not sure if it was a mistake but most of the things in their shop was priced lower than Walmart. Internet worked on and off to start with (Tengo) but after a call to them, router was restarted and then it was decent. Nice hotel with a bar and restaurant just around the corner overlooking the water. Nice trip with the fire boat in Sturgeon Bay just 5 minutes away. Will for sure come back!
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