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rating [ 4/10 ]
We called and made reservations for a 40' RV two months before our arrival. Our site was able to handle our length but unfortunately not the width of slide outs or awning. With help from two neighbors it took an hour to back in. No space for the truck or even a table. Sewer hookup is at the far back and out of reach for my 25 foot hose. There are spaces that are wider and have wider access streets but you are at the mercy of the reservation system unless you know the exact space numbers. This is a park for smaller RVs and not a place that I would use with anything longer than 30 feet and a single slider. On our next trip we will either camp in Beatty and drive into the park or take the camper and dry camp.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We camped here for two nights on a two month Alaska tour. This park is the best of a very sorry collection of RV parks in the Anchorage area. Sites are very tight with almost no room to extend slide outs. Park is in a very run down section which just adds to its already worn feel. My wife and I elected to walk into town and on the way back walked through a homeless campsite right above the park on the hill. Quite a treat.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great, fun place. Dry camped in a 40' RV on our way home after a one month stay in Alaska. Park was sold out so we were fortunate to find a dry site. One must always remember that you are in the middle of nowhere so finding a place like this with a few comforts is a real treat. Food and wine on the outdoor deck was very good. Staff was great. Gift shop as well. Drove on to Dawson on the 100 mile dirt road.
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