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rating [ 2/10 ]
Please be advised that I feel this is not a destination campground. I think if you were passing through it would be adequate. When we first pulled in, our immediate thoughts were "glorified parking lot". Sites were level-yes-with absolutely no shade and trees that have just been planted with the Lowe's price tags on them. As for friendly staff-that was extremely hit or miss. I found the wife/owner to be fairly pleasant but her husband not at all. We were in a group of campers and I arrived first and checked in with her. She was pleasant. He "greeted" the rest of our group very rudely and continued to be rude in all his dealings with the group for the remainder of the trip. He also kept terrible records, as we had paid the entire bill for our stay months before and when I checked in, was told we owed $100. It was not fully straightened out for a day to which the wife/owner said that her husband does not do well with keeping accurate records of that sort of thing. Not what I would be advertising out loud to guests. As you know, a group of campers can attract attention from owners for a variety of reasons. Being loud, openly drunk/destructive, etc. In our case, since there were 5 campers and they had cement blocks for fire pits, the men arranged one fire pit that was larger with blocks from 3 of the sites because someone in our group had wine crates which throw off some heat when initially placed. We weren't loud, obnoxious, or destructive. (Friends of the owners-or at least they seemed chummy- who parked next to us were up way past quiet hours-3:30 am-but were never "shut down"). The owner crept upon us and told us we had to shut down the fire and immediately put back the cement bricks. We told him they would be much too hot to handle at that moment and he allowed us to put it back the next day-but not until he paid us another visit for the flames he saw. And when I say crept, I mean he literally crept upon us. All other times, you could find him whizzing by everyone at a higher rate of speed on his golf cart than his rules told us we should be driving! Mind you, we followed the rules and put back the blocks in the proper places the next day and on the 4th of July, friends of theirs whooped it up loudly as my children tried to sleep in our pop up camper. At no time was our group ever told we were too loud and disruptive to others, but I can tell you that on the 4th, those friends of theirs had a monstrous fire going and were loud as anything. Activities? For $5 per child, you could use two very filthy, definitely used bouncy house and slide. It was so hot the children were feeling the burn until they got the idea to put a hose down it. The owners must have called in friends and family for reinforcements for 4th of July staff. The man working it with his wife was outright nasty to the children. Of course children like to slide down and crash and bump. Should they be safe? Absolutely! I agree 100% But should you yell and time out children before you even tell them what the rules would be? Honestly the manner in which these people dealt with guests' children was palling to me. The campground pool is very small. It would be great if it was your personal swimming pool but not great if it's a campground. I will say they had nice anti gravity lounge chairs and left out pool toys to be used. The store was stocked well enough and people in our group thought it was great they sold Popsicle 3 for a buck. The arcade and laundry was fine, we didn't use it much. The kids did enjoy the playground which was a large version of a residential wooden playground in the middle of the campground. They did their own fireworks display which started off shaky but I thought was good after they did their practice fireworks. Bring your bug spray however. Some people were allowed to drive their trucks filled with people and their chairs to the back lot, but of course, our group was not allowed to. They pick up your trash daily as long as you leave it at the end of your site by 8 pm. It is practically walking distance to Polar Caves and we did that which the kids loved. We checked out several area campgrounds and decided you really do get what you pay for in the end. Ultimately, we all could have dealt with the no-shade, parking lot-like atmosphere had the staff been more friendly to us "outsiders". Maybe they didn't care we were from out of state and figured we wouldn't be back. Or maybe we just weren't their friends. Who knows. All I can say is they have the natural resources to make it a good campground (they own acreage in the back that abuts the baker river and it's beautiful there). They blew it with us on the customer service end and that's when everything else starts to stand out. We will never return and I'm sure the owners will be glad for that. They seem to be running an exclusive club there.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We got back yesterday from a week at Point Sebago. While I have some criticisms, it goes down as one of the best family vacations we've ever had. However, if you're a true outdoorsy camper and not looking for frills and entertainment-this is definitely not the place for you. We have small children and between my job in education and my husband being a stay at home dad, we are perfectly happy to put the kids in the children's day camps. Some families we spoke to didn't access the camp facilities at all, stating they wanted to spend every minute with them. More power to them, but let me tell you, having the kids entertained and delighted and meeting new "best friends". My biggest complaint was the state of the bathhouses-some of the yuckiest, especially for a resort. Granted, most people are in park homes and dont' need it, but for us in campers, it can be a different story. Sadly, next year the cul-de-sac we were in will all be park homes. Basically it seems like they're slowly (or quickly) phasing out campers in favor of all the park homes/resort cottages, etc. It would be a shame to lose it to park homes-especially since many of them were vacant and not being bought. We had so many highlights on this trip. If you have young kids and they like meeting new friends and can separate from you they will love this place. The kids loved the arcade, the playgrounds, the water park and most of all the beaches. All in all, a great family vacation for the right family. Not a rustic place by any means (except those bathrooms!)... We will return next year.
rating [ 4/10 ]
What the previous poster reported was very accurate. We were disappointed and felt this should not be considered a "resort" campground. The sites were very compact and difficult to get into. Camping on concrete strips felt very much like camping in our driveway at home. In addition, the layout of the cg is such that you have to drive through the entire loop of it to get out since it's a one lane-one way road. I will say the staff was polite and responsive (another camper I met felt otherwise but we were pleased with them). There were no activities to speak of (a sad little 4th of July parade with one flag on a bike followed by some kids). The fireworks that are held in Famouth Heights Beach are outstanding-but have nothing to do with the cg. The ball field is a bit of a joke-swampy field that your feet sink into. Our kids did love the pool because it has a single water slide. Of course it was a cause for concern for us as a group of pre-teens and teens were climbing on top of it and jumping off it and narrowly missed hitting my 4 year old as he went down the slide. This, of course, isn't really the cg's fault-they don't provide lifeguards as most don't. They had two washers and dryers there-both washers were out of order the entire week we were there-which meant I had to drive into Falmouth to find a laundromat. We met nice people there though the "tent city" is an accurate description of what goes on there at night (one night a guy dropped a watermelon on another guy's head to the delight of that group). Since my husband had to work throughout the week and was returning to the cg late at night-he requested (as stated on the rules) a gate pass. That was a joke since the gates were wide open and we were told there is no security past midnight here. The only exception for the gate check in was 4th of July night. Every other night it was a wide open campground. We were extremely disappointed with both the cable and the Wi-Fi. There basically was no internet due to issues with the satellite. The IT guy was there on several occasions but nothing ever changed about the situation. Some days we would have 9 channels on our TV, some days 4 or 5. The pond was tiny and the cost of renting a 4 person paddle boat was twenty five dollars for 3 hours. It was fine and there were people who fished and had fun with that. The playground was nice but we only used it twice. We did not even go into the rec hall. It wasn't inviting in the least, there were no postings about activities or events. Forget hayrides they don't have any (there is a picture of it on their brochure which the kids were instantly happy about doing). We would definitely say this cg has amazing print and website advertising and when you get there, the two images don't match. Paying close to $400 for the week would have been alright if it lived up to its images and name. There is a cg in Bourne we would highly recommend over this one and it ends in "view" that is far more a resort than this is. We won't be back here, but we will come back to this area for the outstanding fireworks on the holiday. Try a different campground.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is another campground we highly recommend to people we know and meet. The sites were nicely shaded and private from other sites. The bathrooms were spotless. There were 3 nice pools on site (though they strictly forbid flotation devices which is not great with parents of little kids-when we went there, the season was not in full force and our kids used their bubbles. I will say I've heard they enforce this rule). The seasonal campers were some of the nicest we've met. The location is terrific. I would definitely camp here again.
rating [ 1/10 ]
One of the worst campgrounds we have camped in. Our site was out in the burning sun with no shade. Our awning was bumping the next site over. Several of the seasonal campers were downright rude (though some were nice and said how much they loved it there-it boggled our minds after staying there a week). I don't often use our pop ups shower because it's so small, but in this case, we had to. The bathrooms were very dingy. The activities were sparse. In fact, on the first night we were there, they couldn't get their movie player to work and my husband had to fix it. The pond was fun for the kids but a long walk for us to get there. The drive through South Plymouth to get anywhere from the campground was long, winding and tedious. We will never camp there again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Wherever we go camping, we always compare campgrounds to Normandy. We highly recommend anyone who loves camping to come here. We have been to campgrounds that call themselves "resort" but are not. This one truly is. We have camped here on fall weekends, Thanksgiving weekend (cold in a pop-up, but they had excellent activities!), and April school vacation week. We have not had a bad vacation yet. The facilities are spotless, there are activities to do year round, the recreation lodge is amazingly beautiful, the bathrooms and laundry facilities, which are sprinkled throughout the campground, are beautiful and feature granite counter tops. They have a great ball field, a new dog park (we don't have pets but it's a great place if you do), basketball courts, shuffleboard, disc golf course, etc. You name it, they have it. And if they don't have it, they'll get it for you! We can't recommend Normandy Farms enough! The only bad part is it books fast!
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