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rating [ 9/10 ]
I have been camping a long time in a lot of different campgrounds, but Oak Plantation has to be one of the nicest, cleanest parks I have ever stayed at. The traffic cop that was mentioned in some other reviews has now been gone for almost 2 years. The bathrooms were spotless and the WiFi signal was the strongest I have ever had in a campground. The only thing that would have made this park a ten is cable TV. I could only pick up two channels with the antenna, I am just warning you of this before you arrive. I will be back, next time with a satellite dish!!
rating [ 9/10 ]
The nicest campground I have ever stayed at. Yes they are mainly an owner occupied park, but everything was very well kept, not like some places you see where folks have permanent spots. We backed up to a beautiful peaceful stream, paved roads and far enough away from the hustle and bustle of Gatlinburg to relax. The workers showed me a back route into Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to avoid all the weekend traffic. I have already booked another trip for this summer.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground has undergone a huge change in the last 5 years. The new owners are very friendly and they have done a lot of work to this campground. Probably one of the cleanest campgrounds I have stayed at. It is family owned and operated which is another plus. The pool is new and very clean as well. Just a beautiful campground right off the parkway and 10-15 degrees cooler than down the mountain. The only things that kept me from giving a 10 were the sites are very unlevel in some areas. My friend and both have TT and we were over 4" out in 8ft. It is difficult to level sites on a mountain side, but some more effort needs to be addressed in this area. Next the internet service is very weak. If you are closer to the front pull thrus the signal is much stronger. I only saw one repeater and it was located up front. If internet is important to you choose one of the front pull thrus. Although they have pines covering them, and if you are like me and won't camp under pines, then get as close as you can. Last is water pressure. The campground is on well water and when it got crowded over the weekend there was a big difference in water pressure. It took almost 12 min to back flush my holding tank. Other than these things this park is one of the best I have stayed at and we will be back.
rating [ 7/10 ]
For those that say you had a difficult time getting into this campground must have been some place else. I am over 53ft long hitched up and I had no problem accessing this campground. This is a nice small campground with average size RV sites. The pool is new, and very, very small, the camp store has a decent selection of the items you normally forget. The WI-FI is very hit or miss. When it worked it was extremely slow, but most of the time I couldn't acquire a signal strong enough to log on. This was not a campground that I would drive hours to stay at. But if you are visiting the area it is a nice campground. It is a short drive to Longaberger and Amish country. Stronger wifi, cable TV and a larger pool would have increased the score.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This is a nice campground if you just want to come do nothing, but I didn't drive 6 hours to do nothing!! The pool is very nice, they are adding a nice water slide, but I agree this should be done in the winter not middle of summer.I am sure the guys working on it would agree. There is no game room as advertised and nobody knows why, but did I say it had a nice pool? The swim beach is a joke, it is about 30 yards of washed away beach sand, again the pool is nice. The golf carts are everywhere and there is no policing done, but hey the pool is nice. All the waterfront sites are taken, even though they advertise as if you had a chance to get one, but they have a beautiful pool. The "Super Sites" are a joke, my neighbors was a super sized site and he was upset that mine was bigger than his, were talking sites, but I told him about the beautiful pool. My site was infested with ants, and little was done about it after complaining three times, but we did like the pool. There is nothing around this area, it was built in the middle of no where, and I mean no where, there is no town of Toppings, it is just a dot on a map, but the pool is gorgeous. In closing, if you don't have a nice pool within 300 miles of where you live you might want to come stay at Grey's Point, but otherwise stay at home and save some $$$.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a wonderful campground just North of Stuart VA. Yes the road coming in is very hilly and windy, I have a 1 ton diesel truck and I worked it pulling my 9K TT to the campground, so my best advice is if you are towing at or near your limits don't try it. We had a site on the lake that was very nice. The sites were fairly level with great drainage in the rain. The swim beach was nice for the kids. The park is heavily patrolled which we really liked. I have a CC, LB truck and a 31ft trailer and getting through the campground was pretty tight, but doable. The only reason it didn't get a higher rating was no sewer, no cable. But for $21 per night it is a deal.
rating [ 4/10 ]
This was a disapointment for us. When I made reservations I was told we would have internet service in our trailer and cable TV. We had four channels only and no internet service. If I went outside and sat in my truck I could barely pick up a weak signal if I sat just right. Maybe not a big thing, but when you are self employed you need to stay in touch and you pay a premium for this type of camping service. When I asked about the internet all I got was, "Oh well the signal goes where it goes" and no offer to move me closer to the hub or anything. They did say I can sit in the open club house when it was 40 degrees and use my laptop there. Otherwise they were friendly enough but the campground is in great need of repairs as most CG's in the area. The hurricane that ripped through these parts a few years back really devastated many of the cg's and most have never recovered. The grass is all but dead, tall weeds and just an overrun down appearence. It is a shame because it is a nice location and given some time and money it could be a nice place, but I am afraid it will follow the path of many others in the area. Sorry I can't say we will be back. The pictures on their website are definitely pre-hurricane.
rating [ 5/10 ]
95% of this campground is seasonal campers. Some of the units are pretty trashy looking. The lake was down 5 ft, so there was no lake front. The restrooms and showers were very, very old and need remodeling. The roads were in bad need of repair. The clubhouse building wasn't open and doesn't look like it had been in years. The putt-putt was not even open, and was really run down. For what they charge per night I would pass on this one, which is a shame because this campground could be really nice if they could put some money into it.
rating [ 4/10 ]
If you have a RV over 28ft forget this park!! This sites are very, very small. I had to park my truck and walk back to my site because the site was so small. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The river front sites are very peaceful. If you have a pop up or small trailer this is a nice park, but not for any unit of any size. Close to town but away enough to be quite and relaxing. This is another one of those campgrounds that claims to family loving but want to charge extra for everything and everyone.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We found the park to be very clean and well taken care of. There was fresh gravel laid and the sites were very level. The sound of the stream/river at night is a great way to fall asleeep. The owners have a potluck supper on Saturday nights followed with live entertainement. The owners were very friendly and helped insure you had a pleasant stay. We will be planning many more trips to Mountain Stream RV park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This KOA was a very nice surprise. Being in the Myrtle Beach area where everything is so crowded, this KOA offered a nice break from that. Although not directly on the beach, it is within a 5 min drive. The campground was very clean and well kept. This was our second stay with them, and the owner and his daughter have always made us feel welcome. The sites are nice and large, and even some lake front sites. The store is very well stocked. I recommend this campground to anybody staying in the Myrtle beach area that would like a break from the hustle and bustle and crowds.
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