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rating [ 1/10 ]
This was one of those places I had a bad feeling about just driving in…looked a bit run down, more of a trailer park than campground. I wanted to keep going even if it meant losing our deposit. Boy was my gut feeling correct. We checked in, paid the balance, and were given a map to our site…way too tight, and there was a radio blasting right next door, with no one to be seen in the area. I knew this site would not work for us, so we looked around a little for open sites and went back to the office to inquire. Several were available so we asked to move to a larger, quieter site. We were told no problem, but it was not available for as many days as our original reservation. OK (a relief at this point) just refund the difference and we’ll take the larger site…not quite; we were told “no refund.” All right (I thought the “customer is always right?”) we moved to the larger site and got settled, things were looking a little better. The Wife and Son went for a dip in the pond (which was not bad). While setting up I couldn’t help noticing a foul odor, oh well, I am sure it will go away… Next morning, front end loader and chain saw right outside our front door. Let’s do a day trip and come back later. Next morning, same thing; front end loader and chain saw. Oh yeah; did I mention the “odor.” By that evening I had enough of the noise, stink, etc and we packed up and left, forfeiting several hundred dollars in camping fees. It was that bad. And the smell? Open gray water valve on the seasonal pop-up next door, just dumping out onto the ground. Gray water dumping is illegal in NH.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Pool is awesome. This is one of our favorites. Sites are spacious and private. Quiet (away from the pool area!)We go here every year.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Nice pool area, like a small water park for the kiddies. Good activities for kids. Nice and clean, well managed facility. Sites on the small side though. Nice place for a weekend.
rating [ 3/10 ]
What a disappointment! We booked our big 2006 summer vacation here (9 days) based on all the positive reviews from this site. Frankly, we don’t understand all the glowing comments, we were very disappointed and even tried to get a refund early in the week-more on that later. First two days it rained pretty heavy, so for the most part the campground was quiet. But after the weather cleared things began to change. There was a group of young boys up the road from us that were speeding by in there cars often, we have a 5 yr old who likes to ride his bike, and this really concerned us. I found a young security guard who said he would address it and that if it happened a second time that the manager would surely toss them out (never happened). The next day, this car flew by so fast and then skidded sideways in a game of “chicken” with his buddy, I was so mad I went to the main office to complain, I spoke with an assistant Mgr I asked for a clarification on the campground rules as no one seemed to be enforcing them, and could we get a refund for the balance of the week, and also that we were very concerned about the speeding and teen rowdiness (more on that) and would like a refund. He then radioed the manager who came by to discuss the situation. He commented that the perpetrators had been camping there for many years and he was “surprised by their behavior” but would look into it and this would not be tolerated. He reported back to us that this family had brought “guests” this year and that was the root cause of the problem (they had two sites together-all the young boys were on one site). Unfortunately he must have told these folks that we were concerned with this behavior, as the young boys heckled us the entire rest of the week each time they passed our site (as we were close to the pool/game room-this occurred frequently). One night they were driving up and down the road flashing flashlights into all the sites (this was around midnight). We consider it extremely unprofessional that the Manager would disclose who had registered concerns with his office-totally inexcusable! If it weren’t for this group of undisciplined young boys things might have been ok (where were the parents in all this???). Oh yeah-we never did get a response to our request for a refund! The other complaints we have about PP are the roving gangs of teenagers (obviously drinking) late at night. We don’t have a problem with people hanging around the campfire all night having a good time, but this was way beyond that. There were many many teens here that would roam until all hours of the night (I was up till 12:30 one night because of the noise) and my wife said she was awake much later. The other significant complaint would be how much of the facilities were broken; the signature carrousel never ran all week! My wife counted 50% of all the games in the two game rooms broken (no refunds!) and the pedal cart I rented with my son had a broken transmission. (When I commented to the girl at the rental booth she replied tongue-in-cheek “what a surprise”). The pond was, well, smelly? The beach area is very small and crowded and there are leeches in the pond (be sure to burn them off or use salt or you will bleed!). We were also aware that RT 118 divides the campground, but did not imagine it would be such a busy road. Be careful here, and don’t pick a site near the road! The mostly young staff was pleasant and helpful and hard working. The activities were pretty good; tie die shirts, entertainers at night, the campfire sing along was a lot of fun. Having said all that, we decided to spend the week exploring the area, instead of hanging around the campground, and found a great beach down the road, some good kayaking and hiking, as well as good antiquing! We loved this area of Maine, still unspoiled, but could never imagine returning to PP. If you have teens and like to let them run loose, you may like it here. But if you have young children, and like a family atmosphere, you should probably look elsewhere. We understand all campgrounds are different, and are usually very tolerant of others, but to us, this place was a bit out of control.
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