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rating [ 9/10 ]
We normally pass on small RV parks since we have a big rig, but saw the comments here and gave it a try. We stayed a week and were impressed with how nice a job they do. It's run by a husband and wife team that built the park as a retirement business. Their pride of ownership really shows, and they bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. It's a bit tight if you have a big rig but it works. Wifi is fast, restrooms spotless, grounds will taken care of (our site was raked before we arrived). Don't be alarmed by the derelict gas station as you turn off the highway, or the .4 mile dirt road leading to the park. Once you drive through the gates you are in a small basin away from the highway in a quiet neighborhood. All in all, this is one of the better places we have stayed at in the past 500 days.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a big park away from towns and urban areas. It's set up for equestrian use with corrals and horse trails in one of the three camping areas. We have a big rig and stayed in the new loop. We found several nice sites that are level to choose from. We visited the other two camping areas to see what they are like. The equestrian loop had deep sites but many of them are sloping. The other older camping loop was set in a meadow with all the sites in the trees on the perimeter of the open area. It was more typical of the average less developed camping sites you usually find in state parks. It felt woodsy We hiked several trails including one that retraced part of the "Trail of Tears". Historical information boards near the trail head tell the story of the Indians that were forced to travel through the park on their way to Oklahoma. The bath house in our loop was clean and modern. We visited the lake at this campground but came away a bit surprised that they haven't done much trail work around it. This is a good big "get away from it all park".
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a busy campground that appears to be managed mostly by work campers. We rarely saw a ranger or other Corp of Engineers employees. The water front sites in A loop are very nice with lots of space between sites. The rest of the sites are closer but very adequate. It's a big rig friendly place with deep sites. There are lots of trees here so you may need a portable dish if you want satellite reception. Most of the sites are paved and level. The showers and restrooms are older and were not terribly clean when we were there. When the campground is full, the smallish trash containers overflow before they are emptied each Friday. We observed a host compacting the trash with a backhoe to try to make some room. The strangest thing about this campground is they allow the dumping of grey water at your site! I have never seen that at any campground before. The host told me that it had something to do with the fact they they were next to the river so ground water wasn't an issue. Lots of people were doing it. Yuck! It's a pretty place to stay so we enjoyed time here.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Our experience at this park was markedly different than other reviewers for this resort. Although this is a generally nice park in a scenic setting, we encountered a series of problems that made our stay there very unpleasant. If you have a big rig that requires 50 amp service, please read the caution below. This is not a commercial RV resort. The lots are owned by individuals and a third party runs the front office operations. This is an older resort that had a rig size limit of 30 feet in its covenants. Although the resort has been renovated, many of the sites have narrow pads that appear to be designed for rigs before slides were introduced. As a result there is very little room to maneuver, and some sites have slide restrictions. Several sites will work for bigger rigs. Since owners have boats at the marina, the turn into the front entrance can be obstructed by trailers. If you have a big rig, you are likely to run up onto the curb trying to get in. The landscaped entrance is attractive but difficult. Once you are in, there is a very small staging area that restricts it to one big rig. You may have to wait. Be aware that you will be required to initial a no refund policy upon registration. We encountered an electrical supply problem with the 50 amp service the day we arrived. When we sought help from the office we discovered that the maintenance staff did not work for them and would not work on the electrical pedestal without the prior approval of the lot owner. Even after being assured that the electrical supply was fine we continued to lose power on one leg of our 50 amp supply. We tried using the 30 amp power supply to bypass the problem (using minimal appliances) and ended up with a melted power supply plug. At our request we moved to another site. The day of our departure from the new site I discovered that our 50 amp plug was so hot that the blades nearly burned my fingers. When I asked for some consideration for the damage to my equipment and for enduring the electrical supply problems I was told that I had caused the problem because I didn’t plug in properly. Huh? We have never encountered such a problem in over 350 days on the road. If you have a big rig, be aware that there is the potential for your electrical equipment to be compromised or damaged on some sites at this resort. We would not stay here again.
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