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rating [ 4/10 ]
This park is about a half-hour to an hour drive from groceries and other necessities. Its a condo park which rents out $80,000 lot spaces. Non-owners are not welcomed by the elite, high dollar MH owners. The golf course is okay but too expensive for the area. Sites are level and large but get sprayed by irrigation every day. So you are forever moving your belongs and wiping down. Wireless phone service is rarely available in this park. Its hit and miss at best. WiFi is in the Clubhouse only. Plus, its $100 fine if you loose that key. Rules, rules and even rule sheets to sign along with the unfriendly exclusive owners association is a big turn off to visitors or guests. Its okay for overnight but more than a week would be horrid considering the bickering by owners about your pets and the stuff you put out on your site. The scenery is good here. But then its great all over this area. If you are into the Palm Springs Desert glitz and that sort of snobbery, this is the place for you. Otherwise there's plenty of other, less expensive and more friendly parks to base camp and enjoy the area. We came in a group. None of us would ever consider returning.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Past reviews seem mostly correct. Our site was on the south side so trees blocked satellite reception, but cable TV was fine. We stayed for 5 nights and found the campers friendly. The dead grass review remark needs clarification. This is typical for the area from early summer to late fall because of summer drought. Our site did not have the rubbish debris mentioned before. Anyway, despite not being "perfect" we were there for the R&R, the seafood, the cooling summer fog and the coastal ambiance of a small fishing village. Staff seemed accommodating and the sites were average sized, just fine for most big rigs. There's an arcade onsite for kids but its mostly an adult-like park, with part of it set up for fisherman with fish cleaning facilities. Its the best in the immediate area and if you don't care about being right on the water at Doran or Porto and have a toad, there's lots of other beaches nearby and surfing is pretty good up the coast. There's a nice coffee shop and restaurant on the site. Caution: don't try HWY 1 with a big rig going too far north of Bodega Bay. The turns can be tricky and steep if you are towing. The best route into Bodega Bay is the Washingon exit west off the 101, through Petaluma, then follow the signs. The seafood is great: try Lucas on the wharf. The Bodega Bay Inn & Marina and the 3-year-running top-award winning chowder restaurant by the Marina on West Side/Shore Road. This is truly a fishing village with a couple of nice golf courses and a great salt water taffy shop! Bodega Bay Inn Marina Restaurant has a great fish market right on the waterfront or at times, you can buy fresh-catch off the docks when the fishing season is on. Crab is the main seafood feature, but the season ends in June. Fresh, local wild salmon is not available due to a 2008-2009 DFG moritorium. Enjoy the coast here and take a sweater for when the fog rolls in!
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is an asphalt (or gravel in one area) parking lot. The sites are close and big rig maneuvering is fine. They put the 42s and larger on the gravel lot which is okay with some. This is a convenient CG to the Expo. We went to see the RV Expo which was fairly small for what we'd expected. But, we were not disappointed in the location for access to the "Mall," the Expo and restaurants. Its a good stop over but extended stay for the Expo, malling, going to the Horse Track or visiting the city sites. We would return probably for these reasons. The managers were helpful, but you have to call frequently to make sure they have your reservation. Ours was lost. Despite that, they put us in an end site, in the paved area near the front entrance and restrooms. Each of the restrooms are private and separately accessed. They were cleaned daily. We liked being able to walk our dogs down the path near the river. This path is frequently used for horseback riding by locals and by horse trainers from the track.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This was a two night shakedown with the new rig and the staff was quite accommodating knowing we were on a break in mission. They positioned us in an end site, second row pull through which made the docking easy. With relatives nearby we hitched rides around but a few restaurants are in walking distance plus the Piute Casino is nearby (another place to camp). We needed to test all the equipment so boon docking was not an option but is possible at the Casino and the K-Mart lot for an overnight. This is a highly popular stop for fisherman and the CG has a fully setup fish cleaning station! We'd go back again. Watch the low hanging tree limbs though. Also, forget using your TV antenna; satellite reception is sketchy due to the trees but the cable hook up is good. A very clean CG with lots to do nearby.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We liked site No. 54 which is great for shade and privacy. We planned for two nights and extended to four to visit Sonora, Angels Camp and Murphys. Outlaws BBQ and Steakhouse in Sonora is excellent and the owner is very friendly. Eat at Cruscos Italian restaurant in Angels Camp and visit the Laraine Winery on Hwy 49 (owner is a Hollywood Movie Producer) on the way to Murphys. Lavender Hills Winery in Murphys has an outstanding Calaveras Blanc which typifies all of the Calaveras Winerys in the region (20+ in the County!). The campground is a bit tight for big rigs: back in only. The camp managers were excellent hosts and made our stay with cell phone directions along the way. We'd return again. The Columbia Historic Park is a hoot with lots of fun saloons, stores and live theater! Highly recommend 3-4 days to roam the winding roads, but forget about driving a big rig down Hwy 49 from Grass Valley or Hwy 50 out of Placerville. We didn't know any better and tried part of it. Ugh! Enjoy and give our best regards to the hosts!
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