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rating [ 9/10 ]
This park is nice and shady. It's close to the interstate in proximity (1.4 miles to the park from the off ramp but close on frontage road). We're here now. The staff is very nice and friendly. Restrooms are clean. Some sites have cable, but not all. Wi-fi works well at all sites but too slow for downloading. While it is somewhat close to the interstate, we don't really notice the noise unless we focus on it. It's like white-noise when outside. We can't hear it inside our rig. Very shady. A creek runs through it. Across the road is a catch and release lake and a place where pets can go off leash. Very pretty. Close to many activities. Downtown Benton is home to a number of antique dealerships. Rend lake is nearby. We have so many activities available, we're getting picky and choosy.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a nice quiet park on a lake with nice fishing for pan-fries. The best RV spots are taken up by folks who can leave (store) their RVs there for about a dollar a day (with no hook up) and it is a shame that people who are actually here, who would like a chance to be on the lake, cannot. I watched the many days and several weeks those RVs in prime space sat empty. But, I must say that there are nice views of the lake from the other sites too. Price is so cheap. There is a good discount if you stay over 4 nights. The people running it are OK. No internet or cable here. We did go to the Johnston City public library in town (1.5 miles) and used their computer for free (nice folks there). There is a McDonalds in town that also has Wi-Fi (for a charge). You can rabbit ear for some TV. A couple of channels did come in with my converter box. PBS, FOX and ABC. It's a 12 month park, but they turn the water off in December through to the March thaw, allowing people to haul it up from the bathhouse if you want to stay the winter there. A bit too much trouble for me, but many RVers winter there too. Geese everywhere. The kids like them and they seem unafraid of humans, but watch where you step.
rating [ 10/10 ]
You can't get any better than camping at ASP. I've been going there every year for 45 years when I went there with my parents and took my own kids through the years. And if gas was too much money (as it was some years) to spend on the rig, cabin camping was always dirt cheap there. I have never seen such good rates on cabins as at ASP. We've gone there in tents, RVs and rented the cabins through the years. It is non-stop activity for the kids there. Outdoor movies under the stars. Nature hikes and walks with real naturalists. Star gazing with experts. There is lake swimming, fishing, boating, creek walking and loads of other sports. The kids love the creeks and collecting the craw fish. More than once, they have forgotten them overnight in their containers outside on the picnic table...only to find the raccoons made away with their specimens with only muddy paw prints left behind to convict them. Ah, the cycle of life. Our favorite is the Quaker side because it is less busy there. No pool. Long ago there was Fanchier pool, the coldest spring fed pool this side of the North pole, but its space now is filled in and a volleyball court put in its place. There is a lake for swimming on the Quaker side and on the Red House side. Everyone is so friendly, and many are like me and have made ASP not just an RV space in the vast sea of places to go, but after all these years, ASP is a part of my life.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park is very clean and neat in appearance. If you appreciate fine landscaping and nice shady nooks, this is an excellent park to stay in. There is a well maintained pool, and there are nice paved places to ride bikes or walk. The folks who run it are kind and courteous. We enjoyed our stay here and will come again.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We stayed at this campground for a week and were met with the rudest staff I have ever dealt with (save one lady who did seem nice). The goofy golf was un-usable with grass grown up in it. The pool was not in service and drained awaiting a company to fix it (was the claim). There were a lot of staff just standing around smoking, yet no one working. There was no shade! Bathrooms were not clean and the showers were ice cold. The Wi-Fi (when it worked) was super slow. When I went to the desk to ask a question, a snarly faced man with teeth missing asked me, "What the "h" do you want?" Stay away from this place. It is one week our family will never forget. We call it the vacation from "h"
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