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rating [ 9/10 ]
The park is situated next to a decommissioned nuclear power plant which is an amazing site to behold. Our reason for camping at this park was that we were participating in a sprint triathlon during that weekend. The park was clean, a nice beach at the lake and plenty of room for everyone. Imaging a real nice park that has water / electric camp sites. That is what this place is. I liked it a lot.
rating [ 5/10 ]
While the RV park was very very nice, the spots were so small and tight that it was very difficult to fit my small 24 foot trailer. I had to back my truck to within an inch of the trailer just to keep the truck out of the road. Opening up my awning spanned the distance from my trailer to the next. The next day I walked to the main office to see about moving to a slightly larger site. The office was staffed by two ladies, one on the phone and the other working on a computer. I waited about ten minutes and neither of them even acknowledged that I had walked into the room. I guess they were busy doing other important stuff.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Turtle Rock RV Resort is a bit of an overstatement. The park has some nice grass but very little if any shade. The site we were in had large shallow holes and sloping areas that I could see at night. When I un-hooked from my truck the trailer rolled into one of the holes and the nose jack slide off the railroad tie blocks that I use to support it. Needless to say, some damage occurred to the jack when that happened. Also, several utility boxes that were flush with the ground were simple covered with a light piece of plywood. If I had backed over that, my trailer would have been stuck for sure. The staff were nice and pleasant and the facility was pretty nice. The restrooms and showers were exceptionally clean and well stocked. Getting to the beach was a bit of a hike though. Over all, it was a nice simple little place.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The staff are rude and unfriendly on the phone when attempting to make reservations. If you call one minute after 5:00pm, you can not make a reservation, and they are snotty about it too. The campground is nice and has plenty of shade. S security car drives by every site several time per day and night. I also see the local sheriff drive by each time I stay at this campground. The electrical boxes and cable TV boxes suffer from deferred maintenance. The posts that hold the campsite tags are way too low and have been run over by cars and trucks do most of them are bent. The beach is excellent and the general store is the best I have ever seen in any campground ever. The store is actually nicer than most regular convenience stores I have been in. Boat rentals, nightly movies for the kids, boat ramp and dock. This place is really nice. It seems like after you get past the rude and inconvenient reservation process and actually get to the campground, it is a very nice place. I would give it a higher score than 6, but I don't like being treated like I am lucky if they make my reservation for me. I stay at this campground at least six times per year and it is always the same.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The park was staffed with very nice and polite employees. The restrooms and all common areas were very clean. The park however has a real run down look. Little has been done for many years to make the overall appearance of the park look very good. However, the entrance does have some nice flowers and landscaping. Some have commented that it was hard to find and hard to get into. We had no difficulty finding or getting in after dark.
rating [ 9/10 ]
The park is very nice with professional staff (wearing uniforms). The bathrooms and all other areas are very well maintained. The over all appearance was as good as any high end hotel. It poured rain nearly the whole time we were at this park. However, since the site was maintained (perfectly level I might add) with a sandy gravel mixture surrounded by grass, the mud and mess were largely kept to a minimum. My only complaint would be the very tight camp spaces. In fact, they were so small it was nearly impossible to park my truck in front of my 22' travel trailer. I ended up unhooking my trailer the next morning and moving it back another two feet in order to make it easier to park.
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