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rating [ 6/10 ]
This park was perfect for a couple of days stay. The laundry room was big, but half the washers and dryers did not worked. The people were friendly. The office was a little dirty and you will probably have to call or wait for somebody to take care of you. But the park has a lot of potential. This place is tucked in a lot of land around it and it was a lot of fun for my dogs to run around. Considering the other places around, this was the most inexpensive.
rating [ 5/10 ]
It is a very nice and clean park. You will spend most of the time fighting with the wi-fi, than actually using your computer. There were only 4 washers and dryers and 1 washer was always breaking down. They also did not have a pet walking area. I had a hard time walking my pets due to a lack of places to do so. The streets were not paved and for some reason i was sick most of my stayed due to all the dust. I will not stay again. I like more freedom for my pets in a park and i felt that this one did not have it. I stayed here for 5 month while my husband worked in a project.
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