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rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice campground but limited activities...most likely due to the amusement park being nearby, maybe they figured people wouldn't come to anything. We did really enjoy their pool, which was a bit chilly for being "heated" but that could be due to a cool down that came. They had tons of tents on the trailer sites but those folks were very nice even though they played loud music well into the night. I didn't hear a thing with my travel trailer's overhead fan on. The tram to the amusement park took forever but my kids and guests loved Halloween week. Kudos to that one site with the awesome haunted house!!! Bathrooms and laundry rooms were very clean even after a busy weekend. The store was great, though it would be a nice touch for them to deliver the firewood. Not sure why we couldn't get through the gate to the NASCAR resort and their water park area where I thought I read that it was all part of the same fees. It was fine for us because it was a chilly weekend anyway. Loved the in/out privileges so that we could make a Walmart run for food seeing that we ran out after camping for a full week. We will surely camp here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
AWESOME CAMPGROUND!!! We were put on a "rental" site right inside the gate and it was level and beautiful with the view. Unfortunately, it was very narrow and with having 4 small children(2 were guests), we were so afraid that when they were playing behind the camper on the grass that they were going to fall in. The bathrooms were very nice and clean though still a bit old. The pool was fantastic. Kind of bummed that the hot tub was filled in with concrete since it was chilly when we were there but that is no reason to knock them. They didn't even charge us for our guests since they didn't use the pool so that was really appreciated. We LOVED the in/out privileges so that we could make a midnight run to Walmart; the people were very nice but not many kids that weekend we stayed. The frog pond was fun as our kids got to chase the frogs back into the water. It was sad to see the dead, squashed frogs on the road, but I doubt the campground can do anything about that. The kids said that the playground was good too. There are HUGE horseflys here to so make sure to invest in a good buzz swatter. Minimal activities too, though we don't camp for the activities, we like the quiet and place for the kids to burn energy. We will most likely stay here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Pricey, but AWESOME! My kids now compare every campground to Duck Creek. Concrete pads were beyond awesome and super level; Staff was EXTREMELY helpful, first when helping us back in and making sure that we had every inch available for our "patio" and ESPECIALLY when my son decided to attempt a reverse cannonball and split his chin on the pool deck. No hesitation as they rushed to help us to send us to the hospital. LOVE the ice and firewood delivery. I wish my laundry room at home was as nice as theirs. There only faults are the sprinklers that surprise you at the strangest times and leave rust on your trailer, which is easily cleaned up with rust remover and their quiet time and strict visitor kick-out being 10pm. We cannot wait to stay their again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
PROS: VERY nice staff. We have a new, 29ft travel trailer and were afraid to back in, but the guide that brought us to our site was awesome and explained how to do it. Super clean bathrooms and laundry facilities which also offer a pizza oven, a microwave, and a few other things I do not remember. Being a season tent camper in a previous life, I found that might impressive. Pool was warm even though the air temp was a bit chilly. I liked the salt water/chlorine combination, didn't make us stink of chlorine but just enough to keep germs at bay (I hope). Grounds super-level compared to other campgrounds we've stayed at. Our site had a brick patio too. Cute playground equipment, the old wooden kind that our kids really loved because it was something they weren't used to seeing. Water pressure was perfect and no issues with any power outages, though we mostly had the heat on until the last day when the midwest weather decided to cooperate. Love the fact that they offer recycling though after the holiday weekend, those bins were awfully full. It is rather cool that they had these bikes for all to use, not sure if there was a fee. My kids were too small but nice caring, touch to provide these. Very quiet campground. Not sure why other reviews claim to hear highway noise. We did not, at all, just an occasional whiff of horse or cow manure from what we suspect was a nearby farm. CONS: Biggest flaw is that we were not really happy that there is a charge for visitors ($4). We were in town for a family reunion and relatives wanted to see our new camper but we didn't want to pay for that. (NOTE: we did not check to see if they could just come for a few minutes, so maybe they would have allowed that?) Not happy that we couldn't get any TV reception at night due to wanting to check radar for pending storms. (NOTE: Saw a bunch of coaxial cables laying on poles from satellite dishes but wasn't sure if we could use, wasn't told anything and we kept forgetting to ask and my husband was too afraid to just try.) Spaces were quite tight. We were put in-between 2 permanents and while they appeared to be nice people, not too friendly and if this is a perm site, it is awfully small. We had tons of rain and while the drainage in the sites appeared ok, the roads could use some more gravel to help with the huge puddles. While there is a very clean rec room, not many activities for our young children. They did have a movie night in the rec room but there were some couches and picnic tables to sit at but I was afraid of sitting on cloth couches. Wasn't a big deal for us because we have a decent TV in our camper so our kids could just watch that. Total experience wasn't bad at all. We would stay here again for sure.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We are in search of a campground to set a "permanent" park model someday in the near future. We loved the fact that it is a HUGE area though we were sort of annoyed that he put us in the same general area with 2 other tent campers instead of on the other side of the bathrooms where there was no one. The one huge family was quite annoying playing their rap music at 3am; the campground did nothing to stop them. A bunch of permanents had young kids riding gas-powered golf carts back and forth at all hours of the night too. Then during the day, they found it fun to try to spin out right in front of our tent and run each other off the road. Maybe the campground should provide a phone# to report such annoyances? Plus, for such a large, quiet, campground, they really should limit the gas-powered use after a certain time of day or only allow battery operated. Also, the adults who drive them are VERY rude. My kids and I almost got run over as we were walking through the grass to our tent. The bathrooms were ok though the women bathroom didn't even have soap so I left my own for them. The men bathroom had a soap dispenser but my husband said it was broken. They do not clean the bathrooms daily, we camped for 2 nights and there was still toilet paper everywhere. The shower water was nice and hot and the sulfur smell did subside(and seemed to make my hair nice and soft). Also, for the good-quality toilets that they have, we still had trouble flushing them on the first try. I found that most people won't flush them twice an no one checked on them. The pool was very small as was the play-park area. We didn't get to go to either because we got rained on and spent most of the first day drying things out. It would be nice to be given a clothesline between the trees or have them set posts for something like this as well. In all, we had an enjoyable experience and will probably return some day but need to meet more of the locals, who didn't seem too friendly to tent campers, before we make a decision to stay as a permanent.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Nice looking from the initial drive in. The lady at the front desk was nice too, though we told her we were pretty new at the backing in, seeing that this was only our 2nd voyage. She gave us a pick of 2 sites since I guess people do not do much fall camping. The problem was the sites were so unlevel and I'm not sure why she didn't put us closer to the park seeing that we had 4 kids with us. After propping the one side up on blocks, we did the best we could and still ending up unlevel. The sewer looked to be recently installed and didn't have a screw top so the sewer line just sat there. Found out the last day that it was clogged so we ended up dumping all our waste from 4 kids and 2 adults onto the clay. My husband said the bathrooms were clean but had no towels or blow dryers of any kind in the men's restroom to dry hands. The kids' park was awesome, the kids loved it. The people seemed nice, waving HI each time they'd pass. Not sure if there is a pool because it was too cold to swim. In all, a nice place. If they could fix their unlevelness and sewer, it would be even better. We'll most likely come here again because it's near Starved Rock were we like to go hiking.
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