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rating [ 9/10 ]
The park was excellent. There are two circles to the park. The lower end of the park with lower space numbers have the electricity very close to camping spaces. Higher numbers you will need a very long extension cord to reach electricity. The park was clean and well shaded which means leaves all over (it was the fall) and apples on the ground in the upper areas which smelled like rotting apples (again it was the fall) It was a beautiful park. Well kept, kid friendly, very clean restrooms. I would stay here again without hesitation. I ranked it a 9 because there wasn't anything 'extra' but for a place to camp it was great.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Half of the park was flooded when we arrived for Mothers Day weekend. There were plenty of available sites. Beautiful park all around. A lake for fishing, wild life, a paved walking path around the park. Very close to additional amenities which is why we chose this park. Kings Island Amusement Park is less than 30 minutes away. The zoo was 15 minutes away. The price for the park was excellent. $25.00 for a back in 30 amp site. Showers had been cleaned but the person or persons before me had left a towel and lots of hair behind. The shower itself was clean.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I don't remember how much it was to camp but I think it was around $25.00 a night, we were here for a family reunion. The camp site was clean and spacious. There was a pool but it is not at the campground, it is at the lodge. There is suppose to be a charge to use the pool but no one at the pool to pay. The restrooms were clean but there were not enough restrooms and not enough showers: you had to wait your turn. About a 25 minute wait for a shower both days we were here, for both the men's and women's shower. Nice playground.
rating [ 7/10 ]
I would not camp here again. I camped here due to the Amusement Park being on the grounds. That was a joke, one roller coaster and a few twist and pukes. The waterpark was fun until the rain stated and ended our day. The campsites were packed in like sardines but there were not many people here. Each site was pull through but on the grass with dips and holes in most spots. There are no fire rings and no place to really put a fire. When it rained (and it was heavy rain) many of the spots were soaked as there was no drainage. The restrooms were clean but there was no mirror in the ladies room. This was just not what my impression of it was ahead of time. It would be good for smaller kids wanting to go to the amusement part, and a one night stay.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Excellent camping: we went the middle of September. I highly recommend searching for the Haunting in the Hills at Bandy Creek and making your reservations. Full day entertainment with Story Tellers, good clean fun for all ages. Campground is clean, restrooms cleaner than any I have been to in the past year! They even have a sink outside the restrooms to clean dishes, that was a huge plus for me.
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