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rating [ 10/10 ]
Because we have a National Parks and Recreational Lands Pass, our nightly rate was $5. Spaces are of good size and configuration. Fruit orchard adjoining campground; you pick all you can eat there and pay $1 per pound for what you take with you. If you are afraid of deer then avoid this area. We shared the orchard and camp site with does, fawns and 3 bucks who one time rounded up the others and had some sort of meeting then left. Amphitheater with nightly program by a Ranger. Three of the 4 nights we were here: an episode of Ken Burns National Parks series was shown.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Could not fully pull into a "pull through" site due to low hanging tree branches which would have scraped the A/C. Fortunately we noticed this before there was damage. Had to be very careful driving in and out due to low branches along roadway. Big sign on highway indicated Wi-Fi was free, and it was, but was not told "Free Wi-Fi" was only available while parked in front of the office. Bummer. Staff was nice, and when I complained the following morning, they gave me a nice discount.
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