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rating [ 2/10 ]
Has gone downhill since we first came here a couple of years ago. Severely overgrown with weeds and leaves are always blown on top of existing leaves causing a very bad insect problem. A little insect and weed control spraying would really help. People could not even sit out at all, much less walk and enjoy the outside areas. We visited several friends in the area and their homes did not have the insect issues. We had to put on repellent first thing each day and reapply a couple of times daily. It appears the owner has lost interest in keeping the place clean and neat. He was never around. The managers are nice, but other than taking payments and escorting you to your site, they have no authority to act on anything. The place is depressing now as old mobile homes cannot be replaced except with RVs, and owner is not making people keep their units neat and in good repair. It could be a nice location but it needs to be better maintained. We would not let kids on the one piece of playground equipment due to the worn and splintered wood. This could easily be repaired too, but it seems they don't care if kids are there or not. There are more full time working people living here than visitors. That would not be an issue if they maintained decent places. Also put bulls and other dangerous animals are on premises and more than once these dogs have challenged us.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is the second time we have stayed here. The first was in the fall one year, and this time it was mid-July during a heat wave. On check-in the person told us we had a choice between two sights, and he told us which one had the most shade. I don't know how he thought this one had shade, and the one we didn't take was completely shady, but once we were hooked up, we didn't want to move. I will say the people here are very nice, and I like that now they will let you leave your pets in your RV while you visit the area, as long as you leave a cell # with them. So many parks do not allow this, and I don't know how they expect you to visit their area and contribute to their economy! Our site was wide enough for our big rig with three slides, and we had enough length, too. The pool looked very nice, although we did not use it. Lots of people seemed to be enjoying it, though. The roads here are some kind of white dirt, and it is always extremely dusty. This also tracks in not only on pets' feet, but also on their coats, and then it is all over your floor and furniture. Everyone here was very nice and friendly and it is such a short drive to lots of things to do and even into Burlington, VT. I would stay here again if in the area.
rating [ 1/10 ]
A nice view from our site, which was A2 if I remember correctly. We could look out over Lake Champlain, but also had the propane tank and a scummy pond as part of our view. On check in the owner (wife) told us this was the most level site for us and that is why she put us here. She told us to stay on the "sewer" site and that would be best to get level. After about an hour of backing in and out, her husband came out and assisted us. We have been RVing for many years, and backing into a sight is not a problem. We just never could get level on this site. When we were somewhat level, we gave up. We had two beautiful shade trees, but the problem was that we could not position the RV to allow room for the awning to be put out. We decided to just deal with this and stay the two nights we had planned. However, after about an hour and our power coming on for about 15-30 seconds and then going out, we were miserable. I went to the office to ask what to do and was directed to the husband. He told me it was because we were running ac/refrigerator/hot water heater on 30amp. For the past three weeks we had stayed on 30amp sites, so we knew this was not the problem. He also told us the people before us had no problem. He had us turn off the hot water heater, but the problem continued. After he checked everything out, he realized they were not getting the full 30amp from the power company and there was nothing to do. The entire park was on low voltage. He did apologize and refunded us the money for both nights, although his wife thought we should be able to deal with this. It was in the high 90's and our pets were beginning to show signs of heat exhaustion and we were so hot we could not stay. So at 5 pm we had to pack up, hook the car up and look for another place to stay. We were very disappointed and didn't like that at first we were treated like we didn't know what we were doing. Also, the wife told us she didn't know of any other campgrounds anywhere nearby. Luckily we knew of one less than 30 minutes away and they were able to accommodate us. If they could fix the voltage problem, this may be an OK place, but we didn't even get to walk around the park and we were right beside the office, so we cannot say anything about the park. It did appear there were mostly seasonal sites and they were very close together with all kinds of stuff around and under the trailers there. Close to the NY-VT bridge over Lake Champlain, but I would not recommend this park to anyone.
rating [ 3/10 ]
We stayed here as Passport America members. We asked if they would honor the discount for two nights since they were not full (one night is allowed). We were told no, which was to our benefit as I don't think we could have stayed here two nights. The owners were very nice in person and seemed to be happy to have us. But our site, while long enough, was too narrow to put chairs out with the slides out too. A lot of maintenance needs to be done, such as weed eating around the sites, cutting some limbs, etc. The pool looked nice, but a lot of debris was on the bottom. The water did look clear though. It was too cool to use the pool when we were there. The mini golf and tennis courts needed some updating, too. This campground is too far from anything if you plan on going to places as a tourist. It was 30 miles to the nearest place we could find. There was not even a nearby store or restaurant. Although they do have a grill on site, it is only open Thur-Sat. The roads are some kind of white dirt, and it was very dusty and tracked in lots of dirt. I think this campground does have potential and is OK for stopping over if needed. It is only about 10 miles from the NY-VT ferry.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The pool is very small. There are lots of people with loud radios here. Lots of places were very rundown and it looks like people live here full time. Many different kinds of structures up on campsites: fences, outbuildings, etc. Lots of improvement needed. We stayed here as Coast to Coast Members and although it was ok, we would expect our membership to provide for a nicer environment. Just couldn't take the junky sites with falling about campers, junk all around, all kinds of pet fencing, etc.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We camped here in a motorhome. We actually stayed an extra day because we liked it so much. Not very helpful staff, though, but all campers were much more friendly than we have encountered elsewhere. Had some electrical problems NOT related to the heat wave. Not much water pressure, and we had to use our fresh water tank to control the pressure to shower. Easy in and out. Dumpster was overflowing and was not emptied until right before we checked out. But we had a large site, nice picnic table, but no TV service or Wi-Fi. Understand they are putting in cable. Wi-Fi is only for guests touring the campground, which is a bummer! But we would stay here again, now that we now know what to expect. Nothing available close by, and the office closed at 7pm even during season, so we could not get ice, etc. after 7pm. Just plan ahead, and it will be a relaxing place to spend a few days if you do not want tourist attractions, restaurants, etc. Follow campground directions, not GPS!
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