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rating [ 7/10 ]
Since this campground is only a couple of minutes off of I-95, we've used it a couple of times to overnight. There are a lot of run-down looking seasonals, but overall it's a good campground in a nice location. Bathrooms are old, but clean. Same for the laundry room. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Free wifi is a big plus in my book.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice, quiet, heavily wooded park. Nearby (5 minute drive) waterpark with slides is a big hit with the kids. The waterpark is also VERY crowded on the weekends. You can purchase your admission to the waterpark at the CG office if you like, so you don't have to wait in line at the park itself. There is also a nice pond nearby (closer than the waterpark) with boat rentals. Entrance to the dump station is really tight for a 40 foot Class A, but we did manage. Great campground to go to if you want a quiet weekend getaway.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice park with lots of activities for the kids. We stayed in the #300 sites, which are farthest from the office and offer the largest, most peaceful campsites in the park. The sites right next to the pool are mostly seasonals, and really packed together tight. The other areas of the campground offer lots of woods and acceptable site size. The new playground was almost done when we were there, though it's not that big. Biggest negative about the campground is the music that is WAY to loud every night. It seems the management decided to have a DJ play music as loud as possible well into the night. We came home from Hershey Park one night at 11:20 PM and the music was ridiculously loud. We could hear and feel the bass at our campsite, far away and down a big hill. Don't go here if you like to sit around the campfire at night telling stories -- you'll have to talk over the music. Would give a higher rating if not for the music.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This park is a victim of its own success. It is so incredibly crowded that it really takes the fun out of camping. Kids to young to drive are flying all over the place in golf carts, and many adults to drunk to drive have no problem driving their carts. My daughter and I were almost hit by one of these. There are large groups of wandering, unsupervised teens. They liked driving around in their carts and cat-calling to all the females they see in the campground. Large groups of them congregate all around the park. Sunday night I was pleased to see that the local sheriff was patrolling the campground. It was needed, but it's a sad comment on a campground that the local police have to patrol it. On the positive side, the facilities and grounds were top notch. Very clean and well kept. The pool was nice, but the pond with the beach seemed more popular. The floating trampoline was popular with the teens. On the negative side, our (and all our neighbors) cable TV picture was terrible. Visits to the office got us promises that it would be taken care off -- it never was. Our Wifi connection was poor, and when I could connect, was slower than dial-up (even using an external antenna). I think this was simply due to the overwhelming number of users. If you like to cook over an open fire, bring your own fire ring, the campground does not provide any. The sites are very small front to back: the folks behind us just saw the back of our rig when they sat under their awning. I think this campground would prove to be a much nicer place to visit at a slower time of year, when the kids were still in school
rating [ 9/10 ]
One of our favorite parks. Large campsites with lots of privacy and trees with a huge open field behind (if you are on the inside of the loop). A quiet campground where you go just to relax. If you need to entertain kids (pool, game room, movies, etc.), go somewhere else. There's a R/C airplane field next to the campground that can provide entertainment.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Overall, a very nice campground. Kids will really like all the activities and games, adults will like the surrounding area which is very scenic and historic. If you like, you could walk (15-20 minutes) to the nearby Harpers Ferry National Park and hop on the shuttle to Harpers Ferry. I had a really strong WiFi signal while there...the campground does not advertise WiFi so I suspect someone who lives nearby has an open router...a nice bonus. Pros: location of the park, lots of activities for the kids, friendly staff, quaint Civil War museum on the CG, lots of big rig parking in front of the park office, really nice camp store. Cons: most sites are quite small and the park is NOT very big-rig friendly. We drive a 40 foot DP and it was TIGHT...there was a 43 and a 45 footer there also, so you can get in and out but be careful!
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