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rating [ 2/10 ]
I have no idea how they expect you to find or get to your camping site. As others have stated, it is on top of the Exhibition Coal Mine. It is basically a cul de sac on top of the hill with a bath house in the middle. The spaces were level but very close together. You can not see the entrance until you pass it. The road leading to it is narrow, steep with some tight turns. I can't see how anybody could highly rate this park.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We had a mixed experience during our stay at Babcock. The sites are very nice and most of them were shaded. There are two sections, both separated by the road into the park. We stayed in the main section. It had a bathhouse, playground and several water fountains. There is a smaller section across the road, but those sites seemed closer together and had less shade. The sites in the main section were well spaced and some of them were close enough to a fountain to drag a hose to fill your tank. About 50% of the sites were not very level so plan accordingly. The biggest issue we had was with the restroom facilities. They were clean but not well maintained. The men's restroom had 4 stalls and only one of them had a working lock. My wife said none of the stalls in the women's restroom had a lock. I mean how basic is that?! All they had to do was put a cheap $1 hook and loop pin in the door and it would be fixed. Instead we had to use our hands and feet to keep the door closed while using the facility. Another toilet was not mounted on the base properly and had a broken seat. Overall, the setting is very nice but the facilities could use some work.
rating [ 8/10 ]
North Bend State Park has two distinct campgrounds, Cokeley and River Run. Cokeley is newer and is in an open field with little to no trees. We stayed at River Run which is a few miles down the road. River Run is a great family campground with many sites that border the river. There is a newer playground for the kids and easy access to the North Bend Rail Trail system. It sits back in the woods so most of the sites are shaded. It seemed as though most of the sites along the banks of the river needed some sort of leveling while the sites in the main center section were fairly level. There is one restroom/shower house for the park which is dated but clean. It is secluded as we did not have any cellphone or internet access anywhere in the park. We were advised by several different park staff to avoid the Google directions to the park (which had us enter through the town of Cairo) and instead go through Harrisville. Apparently there are several nasty turns that we avoided by going this route. The campground staff were great. Overall, my family and I had a great time and we would recommend this park if you want to get away from it all for a little while.
rating [ 6/10 ]
The campground was nice with some fairly spacious sites. Bathrooms seemed clean and well maintained. The problem we encountered were the rude campers. We camped from a Friday to Wednesday. During that time there was constant dog barking; screaming babies; campers next to us with the most bright, obnoxious lights on at night; and campers playing loud music. We have little kids, as well, and we're not fuddy duddies but it just got a little old. The worst was the camper next to us who brought along a mosquito fogger and sprayed that stuff several times a night even while they (and we) were eating. We complained to the park staff, but they refused to do anything about it. Again, it's a nice campground but not necessarily the most peaceful.
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