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rating [ 4/10 ]
The park is very well designed and run. That's the good. This is one of the most if not the most expensive parks in Ontario if not Canada. Then when you add in the vet bills for your pets due to the the place being infested with ticks it makes for one VERY expensive camp. In fact I was told by some campers that they have their pets shaved prior to going there just so they can find the ticks easier. I would not recommend or return.
rating [ 1/10 ]
After reviewing this park on line and their website I reserved a site in February for our August vacation. It had been raining on and off for about 12 hour when we arrived. The site (which we booked in February) was on the edge of a open field backing into trees. It was just wide enough to fit our motorhome ( no slide outs or awning) backing in my tires sunk 10 inches into the mud I was lucky to have gotten out with the help of a tow truck. I fine the other reviews of this park very puzzling having been there. I NO NOT recommend this park. If I could give it a less that a 1 I would.
rating [ 10/10 ]
If I could give this park an 11 then I would. Great people, Great sites. Best of all, just imaging going for a walk in the early morning watching the mist rising off the ocean below while you pick Blueberries to put in your pancakes for breakfast. In my view this is the Best park in Maine. You drive through the park pick your site, set up camp, and go to the office to pay for your stay. If you chose to add extra days to your stay, no problem as the site is yours till you have to leave and you won't want to leave.
rating [ 2/10 ]
The cement pads and patio were very nice as was the landscaping. (1 rating point for the pad, and 1 point for the landscaping.) But that is where it stops. We found the management to be very poor and the cost to be very high. I tried for over an hour to configure the box of wires, cables and modem (which they charge $5.00 a day for) to get the internet at my site. Could not get it to work nor could I get any help from management, so I packed it all up and took it back for a refund. They had a computer set up in the office for campers but there was a charge. They have a rule about dogs being on a leash, but they don’t enforce it. Three campers around me, let their dogs to run free all the time we were here. I complained and it fell on deaf ears. It’s posted to shower with soap before going into the pool and guess what: they charge to take a shower. To do a load of laundry will cost you $6.00. Firewood $10.00 if you can arrange to be here during the limited time it’s open. The advertised 5 minute walk to town and the beach is not possible. It took 7 minutes from our campsite to the front gate and another 23 minutes to the beach. We would only go back if there was a change in management and more realistic prices. The people who have rated this park as being in the top 10 have obviously only driven through and were impressed by the cement and flowers.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Very nice well maintained campground. I'm sitting in the clubhouse as I'm writing this and they have a religious show on the TV and the walls are decorated in religious sayings. It feels a bit like a Bible Camp. Which is okay as long as they don't come around knocking on my RV door. It's close to town, people are very nice.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Park staff only works until 6:00 PM. WE arrived at 8:00. The line up to get in the park was long and took 1 hour as there was only 1 Security Guard in a booth to register over 100 inbound campers for the first long weekend of the summer. In my view there needs to be a review of park staffing. The park is very nice, sites are nicely treed and private. Only 1 sewage dump we were lined up for over an hour with campers 20 deep. But all in all a nice park Only down side is it's run by the Municipality and therefore s-l-o-w.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This was the best campground we stayed at during our entire trip. We were right by the shore. The view was the best. We watched the seals play from our chairs under our awning. We can not say enough good about this campground.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We just returned from 2 week vacation down east. We stayed at some very nice campgrounds but this was not one of them. I booked this campground back in April after seeing the reviews and talking to a friend. We were given a "parking space" with a view of the "work yard". If we wanted to look at big trucks I could have parked at my place of work for free and had the same view. As it was late we stayed 1 night and moved on, to the best site we had on our whole trip on Cheticamp Island where we had a great view of the bay. We will no longer stay at National Parks.
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