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rating [ 6/10 ]
This campground was alright, to be generous. The employees were unfriendly, and seemed to scorn the prospect of having to actually do their jobs. The Wi-Fi cost money, but he signal was weak. The slides were good, however, the pools were always really hot, which wasn't very refreshing. The experience wasn't all that great.
rating [ 8/10 ]
The sites weren't level, and there was no gravel in the sites, either. It was a decent campground, though. The Wi-Fi was a little overpriced, but a pretty good signal. They had plenty of activities, and a nice little creek.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Only stayed over night but this campground is super clean and has spacious sites. Not a 10 because they do not allow outside firewood and the fact that it is very close to I-65. Road noise at night. Would stay again if passing through.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We needed a campground close to Louisville and from the website, this one seemed to fit the bill. However, there were so many rules that weren't listed on the website that this "campground" is little more than an RV storage facility. We've camped in tight sites before but this place is ridiculous. In the over night section most units cannot extend awnings as it would hit the rigs in the next site. A big thing is the bicycle rule. No bike riding!! I brought the kids bikes and they couldn't use them. There were hardly any picnic tables. My wife and I had to carry one from 6 site down to our site. We were lucky it was available. I like a campfire and guess what...no fire rings are provided. In fact fires are not allowed at all unless you have them in an enclosed fire container. I had to drive to Lowe's to spend $60 on that. Pet rule - 30lb or less. We have a small dog but even then, the dog could not be tied on a leash at our site. The only time the dog could be out of the RV is to walk him. They make no mention of these rules on the website. To be fair, there were some positives which is why I gave it a 2 and not 1. The Wi-Fi was free. Good thing b/c my kids had nothing to do - no playground and no biking. Why do they charge more for kids? What are they consuming? One other positive was the water pressure - very strong. I had to complain about the size of the site and they did work with us only because they were not full. On a busy weekend, we'd be staring at the side of another RV. If you want to store your RV for the weekend, sleep in it and nothing else. This place could work. It is RV storage...do not expect to camp.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Starved Rock is a very nice campground. We have been there twice. It has lots of shade and trees, and the sites are nice, spaced well. The water is clean. Obviously, it is a short distance from the state park, which is good. It isn't expensive, either. Overall, it is a great campground I recommend for overnights and people looking for some weekend leisure.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We have been here several times, because our friends are in a seasonal site, and we usually go on Halloween weekends. The roads are terrible. They are very dusty, and have loads of potholes. I know of a kid there who once had to go to the hospital because he crashed, due to the excessive potholes. The water is atrocious, and the pool is nasty. The rates are much too high for the low-quality campground. I would not suggest going at all. Our first visit was in 2009. We traveled in a Travel Trailer.
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