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rating [ 6/10 ]
Good access from I-40. Very steep paved entry. When you enter park stop short of the first house/office on right or you will miss the turn into the pull through sites. Most of the interior roads are dirt or gravel. Cash or check only. No escort to site. Good view of lake from some of the top pull through sites. Great area for pets. Easy access to town. Interior roads tend to be narrow. Good water pressure, but old electric boxes. Stayed in a 40' Class A with a 20' trailer in tow. Would not stay again due to access problems with over length rig.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is an excellent choice if you are traveling in an over length rig. Very easy access from the freeway and a good turn lane into the park from Broadway. Manager leads you to your site. The park is very clean and noise free. Good dog walk. The utilities worked fine with good water pressure. We were in a 40' class A with a 20' trailer in tow. I would stay at this park again, for an overnight stay. Dusty due to gravel road and sites.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This RV Park is constructed the way you hope to find all RV Parks that you visit. The streets into the park are all multi-lane and the roads within the park are paved and wide with no broken pavement or pot-holes. There are large lighted signs within the park that direct you to your site. The sites are wide and easy to access even with our 40' Class A with a 20' trailer in tow. The utilities are flawless and located in the correct position. The office has room, in front, for a dozen large motor homes to park while signing in our out. Each site has a trash canister and the garbage is removed every day. There are large grass covered areas to walk your dog away from the RV's. The office is very spacious with clean restrooms and showers. The laundry room is clean and well lighted. The pool is first rate. The staff is friendly and very helpful The only drawback we observed during our 13 day stay was the speed idiots travel through the park – give them wide long streets with no speed bumps and the throttle is to the floor. Speed bumps would be the best solution to this problem. Services are limited near the park. We will stay in this park whenever we are in the Memphis area: At $18 per night it can't be beat.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We spent the entire summer, 3 full months, at this RV park with our two dogs and one cat. This is one of the best RV parks we've done an extended stay at. All the park utilities work all the time including the cable TV and the Wi-Fi. The park has a large and dedicated Work Camp Staff and the appearance of the park reflects their dedication. The landscaping is very nice and well kept. Lots of good shade trees at nearly every site. Location, location, location: Plenty of good shopping and all the amenities are near the park, yet the park provides the feeling that you are camped in the wilderness. The store is well stocked and so is the lake. This is a very pet friendly park, almost too much so; even large dogs are welcome here. Like all RV parks, it has its pros and cons, but the cons are very few at this Park. My main gripe was dealing with the large dogs, since we have small dogs this is a minus, but for other campers with large dogs this is a plus. The campground gets very busy on the weekend, but quiet time is enforced. My wife and I, the two dogs and one cat highly recommend this park.
rating [ 1/10 ]
We travel in a 40' Class A motorhome towing a 16' enclosed trailer. Crossing the railroad tracks on the way into this park could end in disaster if you are traveling with a big class A and towing a trailer. The tracks are raised several feet above the pavement, making a very short, steep hill out of the crossing. The groves in the asphalt told the story where hitches had dug deeply in. The remainder of the highway into the park did not improve the nightmare. There are many hairpin corners and lots of raised pavement and the highway is very narrow. Once in the park the roads are narrow and mostly gravel. I did not see any large Class A motorhomes anywhere in the park, especially rigs towing large trailers. This park may be fine for smaller rigs, but not for big Class A's.
rating [ 5/10 ]
If you have pets, forget this park: There is no designated pet area. The front gate is a bit tight if you are pulling a long trailer. The majority of this park is for 55+ residents who reside in trailers, very few RV spaces and some of them are very tight. Most of the residents are not pet friendly and your dog will need to potty on the street or on your lot; come to think of it, most of the residents are not friendly - period. The Park is gated, which is a plus. The park has a few planned activities for their guests, but we only attended the occasional Saturday donuts social. Reasonable rates for an extended stay, we spent three months in this park.
rating [ 8/10 ]
No Wi-Fi, but this park has excellent cable TV. We are 61 feet long with a trailer. It was a little tight getting to our site, but I've done worse. We were escorted to our site as soon as we arrived. The site was wide and the space was long enough for our over-length rig. Also: there's good water pressure and a good area for pets.
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