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rating [ 4/10 ]
This was our fourth time to stay at the KOA South Padre Island. We still like the KOA park, but I must agree with some of the other posts. The park is very crowded, noisy and the rates are sky high now. We stayed a month giving us a better rate, but the normal daily rates are way too high now. We checked some of the local hotels and you can now stay for almost the same price as KOA. If KOA keeps raising the prices we too will have to find another park. We also agree that some of the park staff are not very friendly or even rude. We know many of them and are friends, but it does seem that many don't really even like the guests. For instance, we were swimming one evening when a staff member came in to close the pool. He basically screamed at everyone including a couple of young kids (who almost cried). That's crazy... These people are on vacation and you are proving a service to them. If KOA reads these reviews I hope they take them to heart. If they don't change there ways soon they are going to start losing guests. I've seen campgrounds get a big head and then take a nose dive. Oh, we also had problems with the Wi-Fi. If KOA cannot fix the overall issues, then they must remove it as a feature of the park. We found problems almost every day. We reported them to the office, but were told "not our problem". I hope the General Managers read these reviews. You guys gotta review your operations or things are going to get worse. We've seen an ugly difference over the last couple of years.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We have lived off and on at this park. The park caters to many elderly folks that are both Winter Texans and lots of widows. There are no real frills here, but the park staff is excellent and the sites vary from excellent to good. The park owner would almost give you the shirt off his back and it's a very safe park. It's a family run business and they actually care about their guests. If your looking for a nice quite RV park with lots of trees and not in the crazy San Antonio area, then this is your park. The Wi-Fi service covers mainly the front part of the park but you can easily take your computer up to the office and and sit outside in the beautiful Texas sun to check you mail. Park also has excellent cable TV.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is a great park with a wonderful location. We absolutely love the area and this KOA has a great location with an excellent fish grill behind them. The park staff are great. We stayed here for almost the entire summer with our son and we loved the place. It can get a little noisy on the weekends and sites are fairly close together, but that's what you get at the coast. They have excellent facilities with great Wi-Fi and cable TV. The only complaint I have is the price. Monthly wasn't bad, but they just raised the prices for 2010 and now spots are in the $50+ range!! Not cheap, but a nice park. Remember, you get to fish for free across the bridge in Port Isabel. My son and I did almost every night and it was fantastic!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed at Drifters based on the reviews and the fact that they advertised a pool/spa. The campground is located south of Rockport and not really near much, but that's what we expected. The campground spots are very nice: paved with grass and trees. The strange thing is that the interior roads are all dirt. We were there when it rained and the roads had lots of potholes and water covering them. It was apparent they were having some drainage problems. I would rate this park a 7, but certainly not a 10 like others. My biggest reason was the advertised heated pool/spa. Well, its heated if you tell them several hours (or a day) early and they want to know exactly when you plan to use it. I know its expensive to heat the pool/spa, but we expected it to be available at all times. When we did try to use it we were given the wrong hours and they closed it before we could come. If you are looking for a place with a heated pool I suggest you look for something else.
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