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rating [ 2/10 ]
This is not a very nice place. You are basically in an open lot. Not a tree, shrub anywhere. There is however a huge growth of dandelions. Appears to be zero maintenance. You must check in at the motel - there you are given a 10% off coupon for breakfast the next morning. Don't use it! The restaurant is terribly. It is not very clean. Has window shades that are twisted. The breakfast was soaked in grease so bad I returned my meal and left.
rating [ 8/10 ]
I stayed here in 1998 and again this year. This RV park was the only reason that I stayed in this area. It is a fabulous place with many different site types and the views are to die for. The laundry is smallish, but there was never a problem getting the chore done.There are 3 elevations to this park, and this affords many sites an ocean view. The office/store is adequately supplied, and the staff really knows the area. For sure I will stop here again. Impressive.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Very nice. 9 miles north of Cooperstown. Wi-Fi - fee, but reasonable. Definitely family place. Nice store. Game room. Big pool - super clean, with large deck for sitting in sun/watching kids. Great adventures for kids, fishing in pond- no license needed. Play structures are new. Nice laundry facility in separate building. All new machines. I would return again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We spent 3 weeks at this park. It was very enjoyable. Staff was very helpful, and take whatever time is needed to discuss questions, and other needed information. The park has great views of the gulf, especially if using a seawall site. The sites that are not on the seawall are all unique with a wide variety of different trees. All amenities worked fine, with the cable TV (almost like satellite availability) and the WiFi was the best we've used in our 3 months of travelling. The rate was an off season rate, normally would be $77 which is considerably lower than a lot of other parks, that didn't appear to be as scenic (a.k.a. desert park). Apparently, they are going to be upgrading some sites in the near future. We have a 30' travel trailer, but there were lots of big rigs. This would be my #1 choice on a return visit.
rating [ 5/10 ]
WIFI is not included in price. It is provided through an outside server you must pay for no matter if you loose a whole day service, like we did. The location is not that good. It is 50 yards from Florida Turnpike. The noise is steady and loud - no matter where you are located in park. There are friendly people. The security gate allows motorcycles to sneak by, which makes one wonder who is getting in.
rating [ 4/10 ]
A below average park. Was not thrilled to find the Wi-Fi had to be purchased. Perhaps a misleading ad. Park is located in a very poor surrounding area. No security, which is not comforting in this area. Nothing for children here. Appeared that only about 8 sites are for transient travellers.
rating [ 8/10 ]
A real nice park with some unique features. Personnel has an easy, laidback attitude. Do not get this confused with slack operation. This is first rate. Garbage pick-up daily at your site. Propane tanks are taken, refilled and returned to your site. Well organized without posting regulations and restrictions all over the park. Office/mailbox/coffee room is real cool. Laundry facility has only 3 washers 3 dryers: but it's very clean and we never had to wait. Park deco is also a must see. A short walk (inside the park) and you can visit animals. Park is situated in great surroundings on Hwy 28. An easy 25-minute drive directly into downtown San Antonio.
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