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rating [ 3/10 ]
We have been here a couple times. Our site was located near a cut through trail. Numerous times campers cut through our site, which was very annoying. Fences would certainly help as a guide. The campground could do a better job with enforcing quiet hours as well. The plumbing worked, the Wi-Fi was fine, the area seemed clean.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This park is well worth the money! We stayed in a cabin which was in new condition. They are spaced well apart, and do not face each other so you get some privacy. The bunks were comfortable and the utilities all worked. The area was quiet, and the restrooms were cleaned regularly. The camp host was very helpful when answering questions as well. We saw buffalo in the park as well as many other animals. If planning a trip to this area, I would not hesitate to stay here. The sites were within 10 minutes to Custer.
rating [ 10/10 ]
We had a great stay here at this campground. The sites were clean, as well as the bathrooms. There were many activities for the kids the park offered. I highly suggest the flashlight tour as well. One thing though...there is nothing around in the area. Bring what you need, because you will have to go without. There is also no cell service in the camp area...drive out and up the hill to get a signal. Fun place!!!!
rating [ 4/10 ]
This a cute, clean campground. We stayed in a cabin, which are very rustic, but had some issues. Several lights did not work in the cabin. I found out the toilet did not flush after making a deposit in the early A.M. I had to flush it by using a pail of water. Some of our linens had someone else's hair on them, but the staff replaced them when I called. The campground is on a hill, so if you have issues walking, do not go here. The camp is located right off the highway, so for light sleepers it may be an issue. There is a farm on the grounds, and had several chickens wandering around. They seem to keep the place clean of debris and bugs. The pool was nice, as well as the staff. One night was enough for us. Great for a layover on the way to the caves!
rating [ 9/10 ]
This is our second visit to this park. We found the park very clean and friendly. The staff at the ranger station were very informative. We swam at the beach which was well kept by the camp hosts. There were free books on loan in the laundry room as well as plenty of toilet paper. Quiet hours seemed to be observed in our area, so no complaints here. I would stay here again!
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed here for a weekend, and it rained off and on. The area by the pool had severe drainage problems, and our fire pit would fill up with water. The kids swam a lot: until they closed the pool early. Apparently it was cloudy enough to warrant this. The staff is nice, but they don't move quick. My daughter was stung by a wasp, and when told the reply was, "Yep, they are out there." Also, I accidentally clogged the toilet, and when told they seemed genuinely concerned about this problem. The store closes at 10pm. I went at 9:30 and the doors were locked. I knocked, and the nice girl let me in. she said they lock the doors to clean so they can close by 10pm? We had a good time, lots of laughs. We will go back again next year.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We very much enjoyed our stay here. Kids enjoyed the beach, campsite and all the CHIPMUNKS! The park calls them ground squirrels, sure whatever. They are much more entertaining than seagulls or raccoons (the usual filthy scroungers). My only complaint is the bathrooms. The bathrooms could use a cleaning twice a day, and they smelled very strong of urine by the evening. Apparently the volunteer hosts are not required to clean the restrooms, the park staff do. What the hosts do is a good question. We were here two days and saw them driving around in a cart the morning we left. The park was quiet, and we will return. The lower rating is for the bathrooms.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We thought this park was very nice. It was clean, quiet, and it had plenty of security. Our kids had a good time playing around. We stayed close to the bathrooms and playground in the Hickory Hollow area. If we go back, it will definitely be during the week. Quiet hours start at 10pm. Everyone in the campground was respecting the rule...too bad the bar/band somewhere on the Chain O Lakes did not. It was very loud and annoying. It stopped sometime after midnight, as we were finally able to fall asleep. Also, Wilmot speedway is close by, but the races ended by 10pm. Obviously the park cannot do anything about that noise, but if you think you will fall asleep to the sound of crickets, forget it. I also forgot to add that the raccoons are VERY aggressive! They love chocolate!
rating [ 7/10 ]
Our kids had a good time here. The pool is small, but nice and clean. The playground is dated, our kids still had a blast. The open area field allowed them to play games after dark. Our site was easy to get into, and it was clean. Staff seemed friendly, even though it was hectic. The downside was a lot of mosquitos! They must not spray, and the lake was a Chicago river St. Pats color. We will visit again in 2010.
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