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rating [ 7/10 ]
The pool is closed sometimes due to darkening water, guess the chemicals have an issue since it's in the sun a LOT of the time. Wi-fi is there, but very slow at times, it's managed by a private individual (not employed by the park) so I use VPN to be SAFE. There is no dog walk area. The highway noise is unreal, as lots of truckers use jake brakes on a hill that shouldn't need them. Currently staying in the park month to month, as this is what we do. Moving next month, as the "internet" guy is constantly kicking us off when downloading. Best to use a USB wireless card in your window, because the routers are 5' off the ground, so it's kinda hit and miss for a connection. The bathrooms are older, but kept clean, if you stay monthly there's an Extra charge of 20.00 to use them. The managers are OK, they seem to change out quite a bit. The park is on a hill, and the spots are VERY small, the grass isn't maintained very well. The hill is quite steep, so you'll hear big RV's coming in pushing hard to make it up the hill. Some of the monthly are quite noisy. They have a small store in the office, which is nice, but like most overpriced. If you are passing through, not a bad place to say, if you can stand the highway noise ;-)
rating [ 9/10 ]
This park is awesome. No cable, but the rest of the park made up for it. There is some road noise from Hwy 281, but not that bad, and it gets quiet at night. The bathrooms and showers are to die for as far as RV parks go, really nice and clean, free too no quarters needed here!! YAH! Lots are level, easy in and easy out, all the lots are pull through. The free Wi-Fi is good, nice strong signal, and encrypted, they did their homework on that. They do monthly and have a discount for Veterans. Which I found really cool. Great park would stay here again, and probably will.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park is a joke. NO bathrooms or showers. It is only for monthly renters. There are older travel trailers there with no pride of ownership. They have a monthly rate of 400.00. The daily rate is 12.00. So if you plan on staying long term choose the daily rate, as it is actually cheaper. 360.00 a month at the daily rate, 400.00 a month is you pay by the month.??. BAD road going into the place, you WILL scrape your bumpers going in. They do NO clean up, because the place has trash laying around blowing into your area. Dogs run loose, barking all night, the highway noise is pretty bad. Lots of truckers. Electric is hit and miss, our box kept shorting out, and lights dimming all the time. DO NOT stay here. CASH only, and they don't do receipts.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Park is mainly for monthly, only 1 site is open for over night, it's a pull through, but small. The owners do not run the place, the previous owner does manage it, if that's what you can call it. No one cleans, no maintenance is done here at all, faulty electrical. All utilities are paid with monthly and weekly rates. It's a very high price for such an older run down park. Hwy noise is terrible, no naps here people, big rigs running by all the time. The managers are nice enough, but can't give out receipts for your stay. Which was an issue for us. We came here to look for a home, sold our motor-home and purchased a travel trailer cheap, lots of the FEMA units for sale in Ft. Worth and surrounding area. The area has history, but nothing as for things to do, so I guess all that went with the history? You can get DSL cable internet, at the sites, but you will have to pay for it. The manager don't want anyone on his Wi-Fi, because Suddenlink will cut your account off if you download movies etc... We will not stay here again, dogs run loose, including the owners dogs, and the managers dog will bite you if you try to approach their door, not a good way to welcome people at all.
rating [ 4/10 ]
The owners are very nice, but the lots are TINY. You can reach and touch your RV and the next over. Monthly rates are cheap enough, but electricity is a bit high. The showers are free. There was/is a man staying here that creeped us out. He tries to walk into the showers while you're in there, ugh. We left in October before the big snows hit. If you're wanting an overnighter, it's OK. But if you plan on staying any longer, don't.
rating [ 6/10 ]
If you like being out there, this is the perfect place to stay, if not then head on to Redding. Park is nice although the roads will tear up your RV. The owner/manager is very nice and tries to help all she can. It's quite a pull up the hill leading into the Park, and it's gated. They do monthly rentals for RV sites. 345.00 a month + electric. Do not stay monthly in the winter months of November and December, as the electric rates can top $400.00 a month. Summer electric rates were around $50.00. Big difference in electric rates forced us to move on down the road. We like to stay a few months at each place we visit. They allow older RVs, so don't expect to see nothing but nice rigs. The monthly tenants can try and force themselves on you. Best not to talk to anyone. Cheers!
rating [ 1/10 ]
This park is mainly for monthly. They rent beat up travel trailers. The manager will rip you off. They charged us 325.00 a month, yet the ad in the paper says starting at 200.00. Dogs run loose. People are just a bunch of druggies, and if the manager doesn't like you, you're out! The owner is oblivious to the problems in the park; when we tried to complain he referred us to the manager. There is a pool, but it's empty and broken down. The place is run down, and ready to close. Please do not stay here. Things come up missing in the night.
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