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rating [ 10/10 ]
My family of 5 (small children) camped here this past weekend and it was a very nice trip. The good. Shaded, spacious, quiet sites; the bathroom has flush toilets, 2 stalls, sink with running (cold) water and a mirror, and was very clean. The view of lake, great fishing with no bugs this weekend whatsoever (too cold). There were few people. I was surprised how many empty sites there were considering I'd read how popular this lake was. The bad: cold, cold, cold! Windy, windy, windy! (The wind comes and goes though, it was not consistent, rather an on and off situation.) The lake is not exactly next to the campsites (we were in site #11). You have to walk down a ways and some parts are rocky, not huge rocks, just a lot of medium sized rocks, but lots of sandy areas too. Too far and too hard to carry our paddle boat down to the lake. So that was a bummer and plus, it was probably too windy for us to manage the paddle boat. It rained (more like sprinkled) but wasn't too bad; but as we were leaving it had started snowing!! So, my suggestion is, be prepared for much colder weather than you imagined and really bundle up at night. I certainly expected the cold, but not to that extent. Our heater actually ran so hard that it exhausted our battery over 2 nights. We woke up the second morning with smoke coming out of our mouths! The clothes I had brought for my children to play outside and get dirty in, ended up being extra layers for sleeping (which only helped them not to freeze rather than made them hot) and I did not have hardly any clothes for them to wear outside (myself included). So, we are looking forward to going back next year when we can get a good reservation, but I will plan accordingly for the weather.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Rifle Falls is incredibly beautiful. We had a great site, stayed in site 4, it was shaded and very nice, along the water although a steep drop to the water but listening to it was great. There is so much foliage you can't see the water unless you walk over to look at it. The falls are beautiful, there is a hike with caves along it, you hike up one side of the falls and up over them and then back down on the other side. There is a fish hatchery near for the kids. We will definitely go back.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We actually stayed here last year in July and I can't remember the price but I wanted to review the campground itself anyway. We had a great time. We camped with another family and stayed directly on the water, it was great! We try to avoid KOA type campgrounds like this all the time, but we were there for a whole week and needed the showers. The sites as expected are very close to each other but it was okay. We were across from the playground which the children absolutely loved playing at. We floated in inner tubes down the creek, the weather was perfect and having the nice cool water was incredible, the sound of the running creek was soothing, we put our chairs right in the water and sunbathed, the flushing toilet was sooo nice and the showers up top were super clean and very nice! The fish hatchery is just up the road which the kids loved. This was a nice week trip!
rating [ 1/10 ]
I do not recommend this campground at all. We camped here with 6 groups and we were placed in a loop with 70s/80s numbers with the "basketball court" inside it. Its a joke, the "court" is just a very tiny slab of concrete, and the loop is just one big gravel pit. No joke! Its a gravel parking lot, the fire pits are old tire rims and useless for anything but a lousy fire as the wind is so strong you can't feel the heat from it anyway. The front office only told certain groups in our party about the wind and to not use their awnings, so the 2 of us who weren't told had ours ripped off by the wind the very first night. We've never experienced a night like that (the group as a whole) and it was extremely frightening. The wind was so bad, we waited all night for our pop-ups (all but one of us had them) to collapse on top of us. Nobody got any sleep at all that night other than the group with an RV. The office told me it was not all that unusual of a night if you can believe that! The sites are so close together that the RV party could reach out and touch their neighbors. There was a party down below where the sites seemed a bit nicer, that had about 30 people in it and they had a horribly vicious pit bull which was very unnerving for all of us to have to walk by each time we went to the bathroom. And speaking of that, you have to walk through other peoples' sites to get the bathroom, its completely unavoidable and uncomfortable walking directly through their campground. The bathroom was okay, but I heard a lot of complaints about the lack of regulated temperature in the shower. But a nice big bathroom with lots of mirror space and plenty of room for many women to get ready. Mary's Lake is pretty, but very small and for us was not good fishing at all. You walk over a 2-lane highway to get to it, if you have small children, definitely bring a stroller with good wheels for a rough terrain. Even for the parking lot you will be camping in as well! Overall this place is highly highly overpriced, and they should be charging closer to $10-15/night at the most, regardless of the hook-ups. We are avid campers, but try to avoid these KOA type campgrounds for exactly this reason.
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