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rating [ 1/10 ]
Overnight stop only! Roadrunner cafe ribs were great but breakfast was very salty and not very good at all. The site was adequate and the reason for the low rating is that I have never seen so much dog waste anywhere: least of all in a campground. We always pick up after our dog, but apparently at this park nobody cares because there was waste on every patch of grass, on the gravel sites, in the middle of the road and all over the "pet walk" area. It was absolutely disgusting and we had to keep checking our shoes so as not to tramp it into our rig. Yeuch. We would never stay here again: not even for a "stop 'n' go" overnighter.
rating [ 2/10 ]
We spent 3 nights here and would not go back again. We were given a site that was totally inappropriate for our 38 ft 5th wheel and told that nothing else was available. The trees interfered with the slides, the site was not level and it took us over an hour in the pitch dark to get settled in. The owner apologized to us the following morning and said we never should have been put there (duh!) as there were lots of big rig spaces in another area of the park. The park seems to be filled with long-term residents and while we were unhitching there was a loud, foul-mouthed, verbal dispute happening in the site next to us. The trains make a heck of a noise, the park is not well-maintained, and we were surprised that it is part of the KOA program.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Just a warning to anybody with a large dog. This park is covered in sand spurs and we ended up having to re-hitch and move on as there was nowhere we could walk the dog. She took four steps and we then spent 30 minutes pulling the thorns out of her paws. We were sad as the park and lake looked absolutely beautiful and not at all crowded, but there was no way the dog could even walk from the rig to the road (about 15 feet) so we left. I'm rating it as if we had stayed without a dog but just thought dog-owners should be aware.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Great for a short, sightseeing visit to New Orleans but the noisiest place we have ever stayed. Train whistles, planes, traffic, leaf-blowers; and of course the Xmas and New Year's fireworks which went on all night. We never slept more than a few hours at night. There was a lot of rain while we were there and much flooding in the grounds. Also the power fluctuated quite a bit and we could often smell sewage outside. The "dog walk" is about a 25 ft strip by a fence with a small garbage can and waste picker-upper, but luckily the tenting areas were empty so we walked our dog around there. On the positive side, the daily shuttle into the French Quarter was great and the staff offered dog-walking services which was really helpful. The staff were very kind and helpful and we were sorry to say goodbye to them; but not to the park. We would not stay here again except for an emergency overnight and only with ear plugs!
rating [ 4/10 ]
Based on its website and amenities offered, we had planned to stay at Poche for 2 months and use it as a base for our children to fly down from Canada to join us over the Christmas holidays. We ended up staying for 2 nights. The park is quite a bit further from New Orleans than we were told: 45 minutes not 20. The 3 shower rooms were dirty. Dirty showers and curtains, floors, mirrors and even dirty toilet brushes next to the toilets. There were two "bathrooms" and the one for men was out of service, as were the laundry facilities. Nobody paid any attention to speed limits and there seemed to be a number of very loud trucks driving quite fast through the park, throwing up dust and gravel as they passed by. For us, the final straw was hearing motorbikes drag-racing past the property at midnight. So much for the charm of the plantation countryside, although we obviously can't blame the park for that! We went to the office numerous times to find the owner to pay him and advise him of our change of plans. We gave up and ended up having to telephone him, then go back to the office and leave the cash under the telephone in the office as per his instructions. Then he dropped by, as we were leaving, to make sure we actually had done that. Very unprofessional and much misrepresentation.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Lovely park and it would get a 10 if not for the very young, inexperienced office staff who were not very efficient - or particularly welcoming - when we checked in. They seemed confused by our inquiries about how level the sites were and didn't understand why it was important. We arrived just before Hurricane Earl and were grateful to the grounds supervisor who gave us much reassurance and advice before the storm hit. This park only became a member of KOA this summer and is a beautiful spot and very well-maintained. We stayed for a week and were sad to leave.
rating [ 10/10 ]
It was our first visit to this park and we absolutely loved it. The park is kept in pristine condition. The restrooms and showers are the best we've seen anywhere. We really enjoyed the pool and even hit an item on our bucket list by going down the water slide! Our site backed onto the smaller of the two lakes on the property which was full of fish. Also, since our bedroom is at the rear of our rig, every morning we had the sunrise through our bedroom window. Sadly we've left just as the social activities get underway, but if we ever go back to Alabama we would make Johnny's a destination - especially now that we hear they're putting in a hot tub!
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